Month: July 2006

Question: How do we earn our employees’ loyalty–and more importantly, preserve it?Answer: No. 1: You cannot buy loyalty, so forget matching competing offers. Once an employee has decided to leave, the emotional bond is broken. Your first step is to begin the diagnosis. Are you conducting exit interviews? If not, consider hiring an outside service–professionals, […]

Outsourcing HR: Using a Professional Employer OrganizationIn the August 2005 Wells Fargo Business Banking Roundup™ newsletter’s “Outsourcing IT and HR” article, we discussed some of the benefits of finding a partner to handle these functions. In terms of HR, utilizing a professional employer organization (PEO) might be a viable solution for your company. “Think of […]

If you’ve worked for a large company, you know about perks such as flexible health and retirement plans. Your small business, though, probably doesn’t have the resources to put together a competitive benefits package on its own. That’s where HR firms such as National PEO ( )can help. HR outsourcing gives you experts to handle […]