Month: April 2014

  Every business owner wants his or her employees to give 100 percent to the company. Productive employees show up on time, they tackle their work without complaint and they give their best effort. Research suggests that the level of a worker’s happiness is the single greatest predictor of his or her ability to work […]

  Once upon a time, it was common for companies to splurge on lavish entertainment to wine and dine their clients. Today’s tougher economic realities mean that many businesses can’t afford to splurge on client entertainment — and clients often don’t want them to. When you spend a lot of money on lavish gifts and […]

  No matter what business you’re in or what kind of contact you and your employees have with your customers — whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone, in an office setting or in a retail environment — good customer service skills are essential. Excellent customer service keeps your customers happy and satisfied, and a satisfied […]

  The health insurance exchanges, a fundamental element of the health care reforms implemented by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), are now open for business. Individuals and business owners alike now have new choices when it comes to shopping for health insurance coverage. However, many business owners remain unsure about what they can find on […]

  The last thing any employer wants is to see star talent walking out the door, but fostering loyalty can be difficult in an office environment. The solution is to let employees know that you care about them as people. Your employees are your company’s greatest asset, so you want to keep them feeling appreciated. […]

  Have you ever wished there was an easier, more efficient way to manage the recruitment process? Juggling resumes and keeping track of contact information the old-fashioned way can make filling positions at your company a real hassle. Now, there’s a better way to handle the recruitment process. National PEO is pleased to announce our […]