Problems With Job Descriptions

3 Reasons Your Job Descriptions Aren’t Getting Results Job descriptions are the backbone of your recruiting efforts and the structure of your organization. Not only do they fully explain what’s expected of employees, they serve as a marketing tool to attract the best possible candidates for the job. So why do so many companies treat […]

How to Foster Employee Ownership

The first thing that comes to mind upon reading about employee ownership for many is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), but actually, what is more crucial is the sentiment that is engendered by ESOPs and their ilk — the sense of personal investment that employees can have in their companies. Building this feeling is potentially […]

The 4 Easiest (and Easiest Forgotten) Leadership Strategies in the Workplace

  It’s easy to desire a few steps up the corporate ladder or the foundation of your own company for the pay, responsibility and prestige these positions of authority bring, but the most commonly forgotten aspect about being in these positions is that they entail a certain amount of leadership, inherently. It sounds ridiculous, but […]

The Benefits of Good Benefits

  Though rarely stated in such blunt terms, one of the big questions for a small business is, “how well should we treat our employees?” This is particularly true in an age where many of the non-industrial big boys are starting a new trend of increased benefits. The tech industry is famous for benefits packages in […]

Save Money, Cut Costs: A Guide to Success

  Every business owner knows the game they’re playing with their business. It’s called, “keep the books in the black.” During this most recent recession, it was often modified to something along the lines of “keep the books as little in the red as possible.” The game requires a massively complex equation that includes balancing […]

Tips to Increase Efficiency For You And Your Business

  Every business owner could use time a little more efficiently. Whether you’re trying to understand why your meetings always run late or just trying to squeeze as much productivity out of a single day as possible, there is always a way to get a little bit better at doing everything. If you’re trying to […]

Business Relocation Analysis: 5 Real Reasons to Relocate

Everyone has heard the old real estate mantra “location, location, location” a thousand times — and it is as true for business owners as property salesmen. Perhaps among the most important aspects of business management is deciding where to put down roots or realizing the inadequacy of your current situation. Reasons for industry growth or […]