Month: August 2014

Why It Helps You to Help Your Employees Save for Retirement It seems like employers have stopped caring about their employees after they leave. Not only do employers generally provide the bare minimum when it comes to benefits, but the inclusion in contracts of pensions or other retirement benefits have been declining sharply for years. […]

So You Hired the Wrong Employee — Here’s How to Stay Safe It happens all the time. The stellar candidate you interviewed turned into a lazy employee or worse. You need to get rid of your bad employee as fast as possible so you can get someone new and more productive, but before you tell […]

Why You Should Ask Your Employer About Child Life Insurance Congratulations! You just became a parent. If you are lucky, you will get to be a proud and loving parent for the rest of your life, receiving all the benefits that parenthood awards those worthy enough to seek it. However, there still looms that possibility […]

The 7 Qualities of Outstanding Bosses Being a good boss means different things to different people. To some, it’s about productivity and the bottom line — so long as they company is improving its profits, they’re doing a good job. Still others are concerned with morale and the work environment. As long as employees enjoy […]

Why You Need to Get Millennials Working for You — And How to Do It Millennials, or generation Y as they’ve also been called, are the generation of young people born between 1980 and 2000. At almost 95 million, they are the largest generation ever born in the United States, handily conquering the baby boomer […]

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Boss Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been a buzzword in and around the business scene since the mid-90s, but unlike “Friends, Stone Temple Pilots” and Susan Powter, emotional intelligence has maintained its weighty importance well beyond the end of the 20th century. Defined as the ability to be […]

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop Leaders Among Your Employees Leadership is often assumed to be a quality that a person has or doesn’t have at birth — just ask Nigel Nicholson, the author of “Executive Instinct” — and while there is a certain underlying charisma that great leaders often exude, the overarching truth is decidedly […]