Month: September 2014

Many Employers Are Starting to Provide Pet Insurance Family health insurance policies are more than common among policies offered by employers — they’re ubiquitous. Even while many governments require companies to provide family benefits, most job hunters directly look for employers who are going to go above and beyond in providing for the health of […]

The New Rise of Smoking: E-Cigarettes in the Workplace In the early 2000s, plenty of experts predicted smoking’s imminent demise, as all the signs pointed toward the end of cigarettes. However, smoking regained prominence in the public eye when e-cigarettes were introduced to U.S. smokers at the end of the last decade. The e-cigarette industry, […]

by National Peo

Hobby Lobby & You

Hobby Lobby and You: How the Supreme Court’s Ruling Affects Your Company President Barack Obama faced a mountain of obstacles when he signed his revolutionary health care reform into law in 2010, and though plenty of previously uninsured or underinsured citizens are finally receiving crucial health care services, there are still some intricacies to work […]

All About the ACA Exemptions A key provision of President Obama’s landmark legislation, the Affordable Care Act, went into effect this March, meaning that almost every American citizen must be covered by health insurance or face an additional tax amounting to the greater of 1 percent of yearly income or $95 with the amount increasing […]

When & Why to Outsource Your Payroll The economy is growing (finally!) and your business is booming like you haven’t seen in more than six years. You’ve successfully fought your way from start-up all the way through small status to reach the coveted position of medium-sized business. You have more employees — and profits, don’t […]

The Recession Is Over — Now What? The news pundits are heralding the end of the six and a half–year long economic downturn lovingly dubbed “The Great Recession.” The United States (as well as much of the world due to America’s behemoth presence in the world economic system) has been experiencing the effects of the […]