Month: October 2014

Want to Hire Great Employees? Improve Your Hiring Process Does anyone really enjoy looking for a new job? Even if you’re completely miserable in your current position, the idea of developing a resume, looking for open positions, answering the same “Where do you want to be in five years?” question again and again, and never […]

Avoid the 5 Most Common Background Check Mistakes When hiring a new employee, you want to make the best decision possible, and know that you’re hiring the right person for the job. However, when you base your decisions entirely upon the information provided by the applicant, and the references that he or she provides, you […]

The Most Unusual Employee Benefits — And How You Can Keep Employees Happy Without Breaking the Bank When it comes to employee benefits, most of us expect the standards: Paid vacation time, sick time, a retirement plan, and health insurance. But what about house cleaning? Or travel stipends? Or spa services? At some companies, the […]

Should You Say Goodbye to Your Two Weeks of Vacation? Imagine having the freedom to tell your boss that you plan to take an entire month off this winter to go skiing — and he’s okay with that. Or deciding on Thursday night that you’re going to head to Vegas for the weekend, and your […]

When Collaboration Doesn’t Work: The Importance of Solitude in the Workplace These days it’s all about togetherness in the workplace. Companies around the country encourage teamwork and collaboration, believing these traits to be the solution to any corporate problem. Cubicle walls have lowered if not disappeared entirely, and departments spend their days with their heads […]

Why, When & How to Switch PEOs Using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is completely necessary for most mid-sized businesses. PEOs offer a wealth of services, like providing benefits, overseeing payroll, and aiding in recruitment efforts. However, businesses expand and change, and eventually your company might outgrow the PEO you started with all those years […]

Building a Well Workforce 101: Attracting Healthy Employees America’s workforce is sick. Statistics abound concerning the negative diagnoses among the nation’s employees: More than 26 percent are overweight by 20 percent or more, and up to 27 percent have heart disease which puts them at risk for cardiac disorders like heart attacks and strokes. Employers […]