Month: February 2015

Involve Employees to Reduce On-the-Job Injuries Keeping employees safe and avoiding on-the-job injuries is a top priority for any business. OSHA estimates that employers pay almost $52 billion annually in worker’s compensation alone; that doesn’t even include the costs associated with lost productivity, absenteeism, hiring and training replacement employees, mitigating safety hazards, repairing damaged equipment, […]

by National Peo

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence: What’s Your Policy? No one wants to consider the possibility of violent acts taking place at work, but the fact is, it does happen. In the wake of several high profile incidents both at home and abroad, including the recent massacre of 12 employees at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, many companies are […]

Does Off-Duty Equal Off-Limits? In Most Cases, Yes Most people assume that when they leave the confines of the office, their employer has no control over their activities — or even a right to know what they are up to during their personal time. And for the most part this is true. Employees have a […]

What to Do When Your Employee Stinks — Literally Is there any conversation that is more awkward than having to tell someone that their body odor is offensive to others? Or that their bad breath is driving customers away? Personal hygiene conversations are never fun to have, but as a manager, when an employee’s personal […]

Breaking the Code: Employee Attire in the Modern Workplace We’ve all been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in the business world, appearance often plays a major role in perceived competence, intelligence, and professionalism. Businesses want to project a positive image to customers, and therefore usually require employees to adhere to […]

What to Do When an Employee Posts Something Nasty on Social Media It almost inevitable: At some point, one (or more) of your employees will post something unflattering, mean, or simply untrue about you or your company on social media. While clearly those who call their boss nasty names or make fun of their co-workers […]