Month: May 2015

Moonlighting Madness: Does Your Company Need a Policy for Employees With Second Jobs? Employees take second jobs for several reasons. Usually, they need extra income. However, some might do so to build their skills, or simply for the enjoyment of it. Regardless of the reason, though, there could be some ramifications for you. Most companies […]

5 Ways to Avoid OSHA Citations by Increasing Employee Safety In 2012, private-sector workers suffered 2,976,400 recordable on-the-job injuries. Of those, 340,900 involved skin tears, strains, and sprains while 219,630 included slips, trips, and falls. Some 905,700 injuries required recuperating time off for a median duration of eight days. Your company can save $4-$6 for […]

Track Employee Productivity and Performance with 14 Technological Tools Terminating one underachieving worker and training his replacement can deplete up to a fifth of his annual salary, so we advise managing employee performance well to correct minor issues, improve staff retention, and prevent unnecessary and costly separations and new hires. That goal can be challenging […]