Month: June 2015

Employee Benefits that Improve Hiring and Retention A new benefit survey of human resource professionals found that around a third of companies had more trouble hiring and retaining employees at all levels in 2014 than the two previous years. Some 29 percent of businesses leveraged their incentive packages to gain new staffers while 25 percent […]

Key Start-up Business Development Tips Establishing a new enterprise is an exciting adventure. But like other firsts, owners learn important lessons when initial attempts require modifications. Three business founders share their real-life examples for you to consider as you undertake your new venture. Pursue Your Passion — and Revenue Will Follow Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs’ top […]

Keep Your Company’s Job Interviewing Questions Legal Fair hiring guidelines became laws over four decades ago to give all job seekers equal opportunities during interview and selection processes. Yet today, employers still question applicants about forbidden and insulting topics that are unrelated to job duties and performance. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that at least […]

Handling Evolving Employee Manual Issues Most organizations issue employee handbooks, official documents covering their rules on numerous aspects from appropriate conduct to benefits. A new survey of 521 company representatives found that business sectors influence guidebook prevalence. Nonprofits topped the list with 94.9 percent providing policy guides while 92.6 percent of private-sector enterprises and 86.1 […]

You’re Fired . . . Or, Maybe Not: Rehiring a Former Employee For most people, getting fired means that the door to that company is closed completely. Most bosses aren’t going to go to all of the trouble of terminating someone if they aren’t completely sure that the person is not suitable for the position, […]