Month: July 2015

Engage New Staffers With Charity and Volunteerism Like many employers, you may face challenges acquiring and retaining top talent. National PEO can advertise your openings with expertly crafted job descriptions that draw in your industry’s best applicants. They’re likely to be millennials from 18 to 34 years old who represent today’s greatest workforce proportion at […]

Why You Should Outsource Administrative Tasks to Enhance Your Business Too often, talented entrepreneurs think that they can handle every back-office duty on their own, but letting busywork sidetrack you can stall business development. Enlightened leaders recognize the value of outsourcing essential organizational aspects that they don’t need to handle personally, says entrepreneur David Walsh. […]

What Are the Legal Implications of Fraudulent Resumes? Dishonest resumes are rampant with up to 80 percent containing lies. Even more feature misleading or embellished information from job titles and responsibilities to licensing credentials and salaries. High unemployment and tough competition for limited job openings are contributing to this alarming trend. In desperation, applicants without […]

Worried About Labor Law Compliance? Use Our Checklist Employment laws protect personnel while guaranteeing that employers provide fair and equal workplaces for everyone involved. Whenever you want to know if your company is legally compliant with these mandatory laws, call on National PEO’s legal-savvy team. During our stringent labor law compliance audits, we’ll detect any […]