Month: August 2015

Outsourcing Employee Eligibility Verifications About 20 million Americas are underemployed or unemployed while 7 million others are holding U.S. jobs unlawfully. Multiple studies report that illegal workers take Americans’ jobs or lower their earnings. Legally authorized residents who need an income should have those positions instead, notes Texas Rep. Lamar Smith. The E-Verify system, started […]

Online Payroll: Have You Considered Its Many Advantages? Countless small businesses have switched to online payroll systems, reaping even more rewards than they expected. These user-friendly programs offer freedom from older, more labor-intensive options so key players can focus on revenue-generating responsibilities. Various time- and money-saving features will simplify your company’s accounting, employee payment, and […]

Wellness Programs Benefit Management & Employees Health. Happiness. Productivity. When businesses promote these three related concepts at work through corporate wellness efforts, everyone benefits. Studies show that company-sponsored well-being programs boost employee engagement and productivity significantly. Additional advantages include decreasing sick days, fewer hospital visits, lower health care costs, and fewer workers’ compensation claims. Outsourcing essential […]