Month: September 2015

Are Your Best Employees Leaving? You Could Be the Problem One of the top issues facing any organization is the retention of top talent. It is one thing to attract and hire excellent employees — it is something else altogether to keep them happy, engaged, and loyal to your company. Because the costs of losing […]

Why Staying Late Hurts Your Career It is 6 pm. “Quitting time” was an hour ago, and yet you are still working at your desk. So are most of your employees — and it will be a few hours before everyone goes home. Most of you will be back in the office early tomorrow, too. […]

“I Quit!” What to Do When an Employee Resigns It is going to happen eventually: An employee is going to quit. Sometimes, it seemingly comes out of nowhere. Other times, you suspect that a resignation is coming soon, based on the person’s overall attitude and performance. Regardless of the circumstances, though, how you handle the […]

How to Use Peer Interviewing to Hire the Best Candidates In your organization, who conducts candidate interviews? Who makes hiring decisions? How involved is your team — the actual people who will be working with the new hire? There is a growing trend in hiring to conduct peer interviews as part of the hiring process. […]

Preparing for 2016 Affordable Care Act Reporting For many small businesses, new Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements are very challenging. With 2015 being the first year for mandatory 1095 filing, devising your reporting plan should be a high priority. Yet a survey of 480+ employers across 36 industries found that just 10 percent had […]