Month: February 2016

An estimated 40 percent of resumes contain tweaked or falsified information. Researchers report that 86 percent of companies have discovered misrepresentations or lies on candidates’ resumes and job applications, and 72 percent credit background verifications with revealing issues they would not have found otherwise. Such disillusioning statistics are prompting employers to order background checks more […]

As a team leader, you must embrace your critical role to foster workforce motivation, commitment, and retention. You are a key player in nurturing and developing staffers. Unfortunately, your reputation will be at stake if your department does not achieve its responsibilities. So directing the active personnel performance-tracking process well is imperative. Keeping up with […]

Even when employee terminations are the best option for the business, they are hard for all parties. Firing staffers may be the kindest solutions for them, but dismissals can wound their self-esteem to the point of retaliation. Some discarded personnel respond violently for revenge or to ease their suffering. Others turn in former employers for […]

Many team leaders have not received personnel supervision training. They may lack the awareness, sensitivity, and values for effective daily interactions. Business skills and methods are easier to learn than principles and attitudes, the main underlying concerns hindering workforce management success. Supervisors are your firm’s front-line representatives. How they oversee staffers sets your operation’s tone. […]

Cranes handle crucial construction activities from transporting large, heavyweight beams to raising tall buildings. Technological advancements may have improved productivity and thus profits, but hoist operators and nearby workers still face safety issues. Adverse events like oversights, mistakes, and malfunctioning equipment cause most crane accidents. Major dangers are power line contact, overturned lifts, employee falls, […]

Do you realize that your new venture’s most valuable asset is your staff? If you are wasting time manually sifting through hundreds of resumes to find the most qualified applicants, modernizing will provide numerous advantages. An effective applicant tracking system (ATS) that monitors candidates can help your new firm secure coveted employees from the start. […]

Staffing brings more challenges than finding the right talent. Numerous federal and state laws make adhering to all small-business directives tricky. The main regulatory sources address workforce and revenue standards. Going over labor and tax rulings annually will help you meet your government-mandated employer responsibilities. Federal-level dealings include the Department of Labor (DOL) plus supporting […]

Selecting new hires by cultural fit has become a modern recruitment mantra. That means looking beyond job descriptions and skills to choose contenders whose personalities and behaviors fit your firm’s core values, philosophies, beliefs, and attitudes. Unfortunately, a survey found that less than 50 percent of organizations have defined cultures. If you are in that […]