Month: May 2016

Most companies focus on interrogating applicants to hire the right talent. However, exit interviews can glean valuable information from resigning employees. National PEO’s workforce recruiting experts can handle either or both. Fill out our online contact form to get your quote for these team-building services. Business Gains Decrease staff turnover: Understanding how workers view your […]

Dictators, complainers, and faultfinders with brilliant visions may command reluctant crews for a while, but their arrogance, impatience, and condemnation burn out workers before they can thrive. Conversely, employees follow likable leaders gladly with unconditional conviction. When staffers portray managers, they skip innate characteristics like intelligence, extraverted personalities, and charisma. Instead, they focus on qualities […]

Many companies reserve risk management for outside sources like vendors and customers when detrimental lawsuits can be internal. Ignored and mishandled personnel issues that turn into litigations can become costly setbacks. Mitigate your firm’s risks while protecting your finances and reputation by adopting the following smart business practices. Treat Your Staffers Respectfully Disrespected crewmembers may […]

The approaching summer vacation season should prompt you to review your paid time-off policy. Have you considered switching from traditional to unlimited downtime so personnel can unwind and recharge? Successful examples show why and when this modern system works. Case Study Netflix employees began relishing as many extra vacation days as they wanted in 2004. […]

Soon, sweltering summer conditions will plague construction crews and other outdoor workers. Scorching May to September weather ranks Arizona among the earth’s hottest locales. Toiling long hours in extreme temperatures increases the risk for employee illness and injury. Every year, emergency rooms across the state treat almost 2,000 patients for heat-related complaints. Over 1,500 residents […]

Millennials born between the early 1980s and mid ’90s have amassed higher student loan obligations than all other generations. They also are becoming the chief workforce demographic. This means gym memberships, free snacks, and holiday parties aren’t enough to entice this talent group to accept jobs. These needy young adults are being very selective by […]

Typical human resource (HR) issues that employers face include recruiting workers, training employees, preventing discrimination, increasing productivity, ensuring safety, resolving conflicts, and offering benefits. To lighten your load, National PEO provides various staffing solutions ranging from comprehensive services to customized individual tasks. Access more useful employment information via our federal and state government links. Recruiting […]

Negative mindsets and conduct can erode workplace morale, business goals, and revenue greatly over time. Bosses need proven strategies to rectify such potentially destructive attitudes. Fill out National PEO’s quick contact form online to request HR and management training for this tricky personnel concern. The following approaches can help supervisors handle such awkward situations better […]