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Small to mid-sized business owners find themselves consumed by HR-related tasks, like payroll and workers comp, on a daily basis. Trying to wear all the hats in the business, these owners are unable to sit down and truly grow their brand as they worry about housekeeping chores that keep their attention and focus elsewhere. It’s […]

Cranes handle crucial construction activities from transporting large, heavyweight beams to raising tall buildings. Technological advancements may have improved productivity and thus profits, but hoist operators and nearby workers still face safety issues. Adverse events like oversights, mistakes, and malfunctioning equipment cause most crane accidents. Major dangers are power line contact, overturned lifts, employee falls, […]

Why You Should Outsource Administrative Tasks to Enhance Your Business Too often, talented entrepreneurs think that they can handle every back-office duty on their own, but letting busywork sidetrack you can stall business development. Enlightened leaders recognize the value of outsourcing essential organizational aspects that they don’t need to handle personally, says entrepreneur David Walsh. […]

What Are the Legal Implications of Fraudulent Resumes? Dishonest resumes are rampant with up to 80 percent containing lies. Even more feature misleading or embellished information from job titles and responsibilities to licensing credentials and salaries. High unemployment and tough competition for limited job openings are contributing to this alarming trend. In desperation, applicants without […]

Key Start-up Business Development Tips Establishing a new enterprise is an exciting adventure. But like other firsts, owners learn important lessons when initial attempts require modifications. Three business founders share their real-life examples for you to consider as you undertake your new venture. Pursue Your Passion — and Revenue Will Follow Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs’ top […]

Moonlighting Madness: Does Your Company Need a Policy for Employees With Second Jobs? Employees take second jobs for several reasons. Usually, they need extra income. However, some might do so to build their skills, or simply for the enjoyment of it. Regardless of the reason, though, there could be some ramifications for you. Most companies […]

5 Ways to Avoid OSHA Citations by Increasing Employee Safety In 2012, private-sector workers suffered 2,976,400 recordable on-the-job injuries. Of those, 340,900 involved skin tears, strains, and sprains while 219,630 included slips, trips, and falls. Some 905,700 injuries required recuperating time off for a median duration of eight days. Your company can save $4-$6 for […]

Track Employee Productivity and Performance with 14 Technological Tools Terminating one underachieving worker and training his replacement can deplete up to a fifth of his annual salary, so we advise managing employee performance well to correct minor issues, improve staff retention, and prevent unnecessary and costly separations and new hires. That goal can be challenging […]

5 Ways to Help Your Employees Manage Stress Today’s employees are more stressed out than ever. Chances are one or more of your workers are dealing with financial worries, caring for an elderly parent, raising children, going through a divorce, or struggling with a death or illness in the family. Stress can also be the […]

How to Foster Gender Equality in Your Workplace If you’re not sure whether your workplace has a gender equality issue, then it probably has one. Men may not intentionally behave in ways that make their female coworkers feel discriminated against, but at the same time, they may not recognize issues of sexism and gender inequality […]