Employee Self Service

How to Have Healthier Workers Workplace wellness initiatives can save your company money. For as many as 74 percent of American companies, lowering health care costs is a primary motivator for workplace wellness programs. But that’s not the only way wellness initiatives help your bottom line. Healthy workers have more energy, take fewer days off […]

The first thing that comes to mind upon reading about employee ownership for many is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), but actually, what is more crucial is the sentiment that is engendered by ESOPs and their ilk — the sense of personal investment that employees can have in their companies. Building this feeling is potentially […]

Today employees are more empowered than ever, and as an employer you need to adhere to these needs.  Employee self service allows employees to take control over their own information.  They are allowed to view past pay stubs online, update addresses, and even view benefits enrollment information.  As an employer, you are relieved of some […]