Health Care & Benefits

Understanding how your health insurance works is an imperative component of being prepared for care. In order to maximize your care and keep your out-of-pocket costs low, it is essential you understand and familiarize yourself with the details of your plan. While benefit plans vary in what is covered and the associated out-of-pocket expenses, this […]

Today’s workers expect generous benefit packages, so many companies offer more than fair wages to recruit top talent. By law, you must provide several indirect compensation forms to your staff. These non-negotiable employer requirements involve various state and federal regulatory and tax responsibilities. Reviewing each will help you stay current on your legal obligations. Small […]

Wellness Programs Benefit Management & Employees Health. Happiness. Productivity. When businesses promote these three related concepts at work through corporate wellness efforts, everyone benefits. Studies show that company-sponsored well-being programs boost employee engagement and productivity significantly. Additional advantages include decreasing sick days, fewer hospital visits, lower health care costs, and fewer workers’ compensation claims. Outsourcing essential […]

Worried About Labor Law Compliance? Use Our Checklist Employment laws protect personnel while guaranteeing that employers provide fair and equal workplaces for everyone involved. Whenever you want to know if your company is legally compliant with these mandatory laws, call on National PEO’s legal-savvy team. During our stringent labor law compliance audits, we’ll detect any […]

Employee Benefits that Improve Hiring and Retention A new benefit survey of human resource professionals found that around a third of companies had more trouble hiring and retaining employees at all levels in 2014 than the two previous years. Some 29 percent of businesses leveraged their incentive packages to gain new staffers while 25 percent […]

Involve Employees to Reduce On-the-Job Injuries Keeping employees safe and avoiding on-the-job injuries is a top priority for any business. OSHA estimates that employers pay almost $52 billion annually in worker’s compensation alone; that doesn’t even include the costs associated with lost productivity, absenteeism, hiring and training replacement employees, mitigating safety hazards, repairing damaged equipment, […]

Flexible Spending Accounts: New Rules Mean New Choices There are fewer than 60 days left in 2014. Do you know where your flexible spending account is? If you don’t, you should. Medical flexible spending accounts, also known as FSAs, allow employees to put up to $2,500 per year into a dedicated account to cover certain […]

How HR Can Help Employees Make Smart Decisions During the Open Enrollment Period For most employees using their employer’s benefits plans, fall marks the beginning of the open enrollment period, during which they can make changes to their health insurance coverage and other benefits. However, according to research from Aflac, about 90 percent of all […]

The Most Unusual Employee Benefits — And How You Can Keep Employees Happy Without Breaking the Bank When it comes to employee benefits, most of us expect the standards: Paid vacation time, sick time, a retirement plan, and health insurance. But what about house cleaning? Or travel stipends? Or spa services? At some companies, the […]

Should You Say Goodbye to Your Two Weeks of Vacation? Imagine having the freedom to tell your boss that you plan to take an entire month off this winter to go skiing — and he’s okay with that. Or deciding on Thursday night that you’re going to head to Vegas for the weekend, and your […]