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Most companies focus on interrogating applicants to hire the right talent. However, exit interviews can glean valuable information from resigning employees. National PEO’s workforce recruiting experts can handle either or both. Fill out our online contact form to get your quote for these team-building services. Business Gains Decrease staff turnover: Understanding how workers view your […]

More workers quit their jobs in December 2015 than in the previous nine years, according to a survey. Some 3.1 million people left their private sector and government positions voluntarily. Discovering why, establishing a clear promotion policy, and understanding the performance cycle can help you decrease your company’s turnover rates. Employment Exit Reasons Polled staffers […]

An estimated 40 percent of resumes contain tweaked or falsified information. Researchers report that 86 percent of companies have discovered misrepresentations or lies on candidates’ resumes and job applications, and 72 percent credit background verifications with revealing issues they would not have found otherwise. Such disillusioning statistics are prompting employers to order background checks more […]

Even when employee terminations are the best option for the business, they are hard for all parties. Firing staffers may be the kindest solutions for them, but dismissals can wound their self-esteem to the point of retaliation. Some discarded personnel respond violently for revenge or to ease their suffering. Others turn in former employers for […]

Do you realize that your new venture’s most valuable asset is your staff? If you are wasting time manually sifting through hundreds of resumes to find the most qualified applicants, modernizing will provide numerous advantages. An effective applicant tracking system (ATS) that monitors candidates can help your new firm secure coveted employees from the start. […]

“I Quit!” What to Do When an Employee Resigns It is going to happen eventually: An employee is going to quit. Sometimes, it seemingly comes out of nowhere. Other times, you suspect that a resignation is coming soon, based on the person’s overall attitude and performance. Regardless of the circumstances, though, how you handle the […]

How to Use Peer Interviewing to Hire the Best Candidates In your organization, who conducts candidate interviews? Who makes hiring decisions? How involved is your team — the actual people who will be working with the new hire? There is a growing trend in hiring to conduct peer interviews as part of the hiring process. […]

What Are the Legal Implications of Fraudulent Resumes? Dishonest resumes are rampant with up to 80 percent containing lies. Even more feature misleading or embellished information from job titles and responsibilities to licensing credentials and salaries. High unemployment and tough competition for limited job openings are contributing to this alarming trend. In desperation, applicants without […]

Keep Your Company’s Job Interviewing Questions Legal Fair hiring guidelines became laws over four decades ago to give all job seekers equal opportunities during interview and selection processes. Yet today, employers still question applicants about forbidden and insulting topics that are unrelated to job duties and performance. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that at least […]

You’re Fired . . . Or, Maybe Not: Rehiring a Former Employee For most people, getting fired means that the door to that company is closed completely. Most bosses aren’t going to go to all of the trouble of terminating someone if they aren’t completely sure that the person is not suitable for the position, […]