Likable Leaders Share These Habits

Dictators, complainers, and faultfinders with brilliant visions may command reluctant crews for a while, but their arrogance, impatience, and condemnation burn out workers before they can thrive. Conversely, employees follow likable leaders gladly with unconditional conviction. When staffers portray managers, they skip innate characteristics like intelligence, extraverted personalities, and charisma. Instead, they focus on qualities […]

Avoid These Workforce Management Mistakes

Many team leaders have not received personnel supervision training. They may lack the awareness, sensitivity, and values for effective daily interactions. Business skills and methods are easier to learn than principles and attitudes, the main underlying concerns hindering workforce management success. Supervisors are your firm’s front-line representatives. How they oversee staffers sets your operation’s tone. […]

Track Employee Productivity and Performance

Track Employee Productivity and Performance with 14 Technological Tools Terminating one underachieving worker and training his replacement can deplete up to a fifth of his annual salary, so we advise managing employee performance well to correct minor issues, improve staff retention, and prevent unnecessary and costly separations and new hires. That goal can be challenging […]

How to Become a Better Leader

How to Become a Better Leader by Increasing Your Self-Awareness What is self-awareness? It’s cultivating self-knowledge. It’s making an effort to understand both your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s admitting when you’ve made a mistake, or when you don’t know the answer. It’s remaining aware of how others might perceive your words and actions. And […]

Gender Equality in the Workplace

How to Foster Gender Equality in Your Workplace If you’re not sure whether your workplace has a gender equality issue, then it probably has one. Men may not intentionally behave in ways that make their female coworkers feel discriminated against, but at the same time, they may not recognize issues of sexism and gender inequality […]

Managing Remote Employees

3 Ways to Manage Remote Employees — Painlessly Remote working is getting more and more popular as technology has advanced to the point where it’s easy to stay in touch and share data with staff members around the country and the world. But even though the 2010 census report indicated that 13.4 million Americans work […]

Managing Creative Employees

5 Tips for Managing Creative Employees Creative employees, and the innovation they foster, are the lifeblood of many organizations. But it’s not easy to manage creative types, especially when they happen to also be difficult types. Creative employees need the space and freedom required for experimentation and risk-taking, but at the same time, they need […]

Bullying in the Workplace

How to Keep Bullying Out of Your Workplace Workplace bullying is a serious issue in the U.S., one that 13.7 million Americans are currently dealing with. One survey, which asked 2,283 people about their experiences with workplace bullying, found that a shocking 96 percent of workers have experienced bullying at work. Eighty-nine percent of workplace […]

Ways to Boost Employee Morale

5 (Almost) Free and Unusual Ways to Boost Employee Morale You know when office morale is low. There’s a feeling of discontent in the air, which usually fuels poor performance, office gossip, and high turnover. Some managers try to boost morale via peppy slogans or incentive programs. The problem is that posters don’t usually work, […]

Performance Appraisal Mistakes

The 7 Most Common Performance Appraisal Mistakes For many companies, the end of the year brings holiday hours, a break room full of treats, and the dreaded annual performance review period. Employees are generally anxious to hear whether their performance has earned them a raise (and maybe a bonus) while bosses usually dread the paperwork […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ban Social Media in the Workplace

Why Banning Social Media at Work Is Bad for Business It’s a debate that’s raging in offices across the country: Should employees be allowed to use social media at work? Those who think that sites like Facebook and Twitter have no business in the workplace point to declines in productivity as their privacy concerns. Employees […]

What to Do After Hiring the Wrong Employee

So You Hired the Wrong Employee — Here’s How to Stay Safe It happens all the time. The stellar candidate you interviewed turned into a lazy employee or worse. You need to get rid of your bad employee as fast as possible so you can get someone new and more productive, but before you tell […]

7 Qualities of an Outstanding Boss

The 7 Qualities of Outstanding Bosses Being a good boss means different things to different people. To some, it’s about productivity and the bottom line — so long as they company is improving its profits, they’re doing a good job. Still others are concerned with morale and the work environment. As long as employees enjoy […]

How to Become a Better Boss

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Boss Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been a buzzword in and around the business scene since the mid-90s, but unlike “Friends, Stone Temple Pilots” and Susan Powter, emotional intelligence has maintained its weighty importance well beyond the end of the 20th century. Defined as the ability to be […]

Creating Leaders in the Workplace

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Develop Leaders Among Your Employees Leadership is often assumed to be a quality that a person has or doesn’t have at birth — just ask Nigel Nicholson, the author of “Executive Instinct” — and while there is a certain underlying charisma that great leaders often exude, the overarching truth is decidedly […]

How to Avoid Negativity in the Workplace

How to Curb Negativity in the Workplace Workplace negativity can have more than a few bad consequences. From reduced productivity to problems with retention, any environment where pessimism, complaining, derision or worse are regularly given reign can wreak a weedy and hard-to-counter havoc. Whether you’re the boss or just another employee trying to keep your […]

Is Your Corporate Culture Toxic?

Is Your Corporate Culture Toxic? Everyone wants to work for a company with a fun, positive corporate culture. But a toxic corporate culture can drive your best employees away and crush the spirits of those who remain. It’s not always easy to tell when your corporate culture has soured, but it’s always important to identify […]

Millennials and Management

5 Things Millennials Can Teach You About Management The generation born between 1980 and the year 2000 may have a reputation for being lazy, entitled and hard to manage, but by 2025, millennials will make up at least 75 percent of the world’s workforce. Many companies already employ more millennials than they do gen-Xers or […]

Dealing With an Unproductive Employee

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing With an Unproductive Employee No one ever hires an employee expecting that he or she won’t perform up to standards. After going to all of the trouble to find someone who has the ideal mix of experience, skills and personal characteristics, it’s disheartening to say the least to discover […]

The 4 Easiest (and Easiest Forgotten) Leadership Strategies in the Workplace

  It’s easy to desire a few steps up the corporate ladder or the foundation of your own company for the pay, responsibility and prestige these positions of authority bring, but the most commonly forgotten aspect about being in these positions is that they entail a certain amount of leadership, inherently. It sounds ridiculous, but […]