Outsourcing Employee Eligibility Verifications About 20 million Americas are underemployed or unemployed while 7 million others are holding U.S. jobs unlawfully. Multiple studies report that illegal workers take Americans’ jobs or lower their earnings. Legally authorized residents who need an income should have those positions instead, notes Texas Rep. Lamar Smith. The E-Verify system, started […]

Why You Should Outsource Administrative Tasks to Enhance Your Business Too often, talented entrepreneurs think that they can handle every back-office duty on their own, but letting busywork sidetrack you can stall business development. Enlightened leaders recognize the value of outsourcing essential organizational aspects that they don’t need to handle personally, says entrepreneur David Walsh. […]

Key Start-up Business Development Tips Establishing a new enterprise is an exciting adventure. But like other firsts, owners learn important lessons when initial attempts require modifications. Three business founders share their real-life examples for you to consider as you undertake your new venture. Pursue Your Passion — and Revenue Will Follow Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs’ top […]

Why, When & How to Switch PEOs Using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is completely necessary for most mid-sized businesses. PEOs offer a wealth of services, like providing benefits, overseeing payroll, and aiding in recruitment efforts. However, businesses expand and change, and eventually your company might outgrow the PEO you started with all those years […]

When & Why to Outsource Your Payroll The economy is growing (finally!) and your business is booming like you haven’t seen in more than six years. You’ve successfully fought your way from start-up all the way through small status to reach the coveted position of medium-sized business. You have more employees — and profits, don’t […]

Running a small to medium-sized business entails many challenges, and complying with workers’ compensation regulations is one of them. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to focus on running your business and keeping up with ever-evolving statutes. Outsourcing your workers’ compensation administration takes a huge benefits burden off your shoulders, saves you […]

No matter what the size of your business, handling unemployment claims is daunting. A single claimant can cost your company quite a bit of money, especially considering that the average unemployment claimant collects about $330 a week in benefits. Plenty of businesses overpay when it comes to unemployment claims, too — yearly unemployment-related overpayments by […]