Online Payroll: Have You Considered Its Many Advantages? Countless small businesses have switched to online payroll systems, reaping even more rewards than they expected. These user-friendly programs offer freedom from older, more labor-intensive options so key players can focus on revenue-generating responsibilities. Various time- and money-saving features will simplify your company’s accounting, employee payment, and […]

5 Employment Compliance Issues You Can’t Afford to Overlook As an employer, you know that hiring employees comes with a lot of paperwork. While you know that maintaining thorough employee records is important, what you might not realize is that failing to update certain documents or keep them on file properly could land you in […]

Why, When & How to Switch PEOs Using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is completely necessary for most mid-sized businesses. PEOs offer a wealth of services, like providing benefits, overseeing payroll, and aiding in recruitment efforts. However, businesses expand and change, and eventually your company might outgrow the PEO you started with all those years […]

When & Why to Outsource Your Payroll The economy is growing (finally!) and your business is booming like you haven’t seen in more than six years. You’ve successfully fought your way from start-up all the way through small status to reach the coveted position of medium-sized business. You have more employees — and profits, don’t […]

If you own a small to mid-sized business, running your payroll operations in-house could be more trouble than it’s worth. If you make a mistake on an employee’s pay or fail to get payroll done in time, you could lose your employees’ trust or even your employees. That’s a hefty price to pay for doing […]

If you were to ask any of your employees what they think the most important department in your organization is, chances are they will say payroll. Even the happiest, most productive employee is going to be less than thrilled when his or her paycheck is incorrect—or doesn’t arrive at all. While some small business—and even […]