5 Ways to Avoid OSHA Citations by Increasing Employee Safety In 2012, private-sector workers suffered 2,976,400 recordable on-the-job injuries. Of those, 340,900 involved skin tears, strains, and sprains while 219,630 included slips, trips, and falls. Some 905,700 injuries required recuperating time off for a median duration of eight days. Your company can save $4-$6 for […]

How to Have Healthier Workers Workplace wellness initiatives can save your company money. For as many as 74 percent of American companies, lowering health care costs is a primary motivator for workplace wellness programs. But that’s not the only way wellness initiatives help your bottom line. Healthy workers have more energy, take fewer days off […]

It’s Flu Season — Is Your Office Ready? It’s inevitable: As the temperature drops, the number of employees who come to work sniffling, sneezing, and coughing goes up — and it doesn’t take long before you have what amounts to a mini-epidemic of sick people in the office. And you aren’t alone. Across the country, […]

The New Rise of Smoking: E-Cigarettes in the Workplace In the early 2000s, plenty of experts predicted smoking’s imminent demise, as all the signs pointed toward the end of cigarettes. However, smoking regained prominence in the public eye when e-cigarettes were introduced to U.S. smokers at the end of the last decade. The e-cigarette industry, […]

If you want to foster a safe work environment, you need to make a commitment to take safety seriously. Every member of the company, from the intern to the CEO, must understand that the health and safety of every worker is of the utmost importance. Every member of the company must be willing to make […]

October is National Fire Prevention Month. Is your place of business compliant with both fire code and OSHA standards for fires and protecting your employees? Many companies think that because they have fire extinguishers, maybe a sprinkler system and maybe smoke alarms they are in compliance and that is all that is required. Unfortunately, this […]

by National Peo

Safety Training

Does your company have a written safety program which is adhered to and would meet the training requirements under the OSHA standards? Each of the standards has specific language pertaining to training, the type of training, etc. Even if you are doing the safety training, instruction, etc. in accordance with the standards are you doing […]

Does your company supply employees with tools, ladders, etc. to perform their assigned duties? Or does your company require employees to provide some or all of their tools to perform their duties? Does your company lease or rent tools, equipment, etc? Well, if you think you are not responsible for the condition of tools and […]

by National Peo

OSHA Updates

In March and April I attended a couple of meeting where OSHA updates were covered by the Director of Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health. His updates covered both updates in what is happening in both state and federal OSHA. One of the first things covered was the mandated increase in compliance inspections by […]

Hypothermia             There’s a chill in the air, leaves are changing color in some parts of the country and other parts of the country there has already been significant snow fall. Are you and your employees ready for the fall and winter environment? Unfortunately, most people don’t give hypothermia the attention that is given to […]