Thank Employees With 12 Jolly Holiday Perks

The end of the year is a great time to reward your employees for their hard work. Are back-office chores so overwhelming that you cannot make time to reward your staff for another successful year? Then turn your administrative services over to National PEO. We can perform your recruiting, human resource (HR), payroll, benefit, and/or workers’ compensation duties. That will free you up to acknowledge your employees through 12 ways of giving — even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Workforce Pampering

Destressing is particularly important during the hectic holidays. Offering yoga or meditation sessions will allow staffers to take relaxing breaks. Bring in a massage therapist to rejuvenate personnel and encourage a strong finish for the year.

2. Paid Shopping Hours

A CareerBuilder survey estimates that half of American jobholders expect to conduct online gift shopping at work. Instead of opposing that practice, designate some business hours every week in December when employees can search the Internet for seasonal deals.

Also, sanction a half-paid day off for staffers who prefer going to physical stores in person. Maybe offer flexible work schedules through the yearend. Personnel could adjust their normal shifts two hours earlier or later to allow extra time for holiday shopping before or after work.

3. Wrap Sessions

Allow gift deliveries at your facility. Then hold present-wrapping gatherings. Staffers can share giving ideas, shopping tips, and wrapping pointers. Reserving a period for holiday joy conveys how much you value your team’s contributions to your business success.

4. Friendly Competitions

Provide Fitbit wearable devices for anyone who wants to participate in a health-enhancing walking race. Between specified dates, whoever takes the most steps could receive a free gym membership for a fit new year.

5. Fun Outings

Host an off-site event like Paintball Day or Arcade Night so your crew can bond away from work. While having fun, favorable feelings toward their employer will grow.

6. Sensible Gifts

When choosing material presents for your team, go for useful. Nix company T-shirts and pens in favor of practical items, showing employees you recognize their needs. For workers with long commutes, gas gift cards, pre-paid toll fees, or public transportation subsidies may be relevant. Work/life vouchers could allow staffers to take off three-hour lunches or an extra day with pay. Other options include gift cards for popular restaurants and the latest tech gadgets.

7. Humanitarian Generosity

Give staffers paid time off to become charity volunteers during the season that represents good will and fellowship. Alternatively make donations in their names to charities they choose.

8. Festive Feasts

Executives can dish out lunches to personnel. Filling plates, refilling beverages, and cleaning up afterward demonstrate teamwork and caring. According to a survey, food-based rewards made 57 percent of staffers feel that their companies valued and appreciated them. Half reported that receiving free food at work increased their satisfaction with their employers.

9. Merry Parties

Year-end parties promote workplace unity and boost morale during this normally taxing period. More firms are sponsoring seasonal events now than in previous years, report HR researchers.

An elaborate banquet in a luxurious ballroom is not necessary to spread yuletide cheer. Your workforce will enjoy any jovial celebration that encourages merriment. Contests for the gaudiest sweater or most creative out-of-office holiday reply can be fun. As employees laugh over eggnog, winners will treasure annual rotating trophies.

10. Well-Deserved Recognition

Reinforce your positive workplace culture by applauding your crew. Reveling in team and individual accomplishments will express the season’s true meaning. Present department and employee recognition plaques. To thank all personnel, consider publishing a corporate yearbook of workers’ photos, stories, and recipes.

In a survey, 86 percent of staffers reported that receiving recognition for doing jobs well motivates and inspires better work performance. While increasing job satisfaction and commitment to their employers, it drives team players to surpass corporate goals.

11. Holiday Bonuses

Traditionally, firms have shown gratitude with end-of-year bonuses for staffers’ hard work and dedication. Although financial rewards and amounts began diminishing with the recession, a survey indicates an uptick. Creative alternatives include gift cards and lottery tickets.

12. Children or Pet Play Days

During the winter school break, invite employees to bring their kids or well-behaved cats and dogs to work. Designate a supervised play area. Enlist a groomer to indulge your team’s furry friends. These extras show personnel that you are aware of their family responsibilities and are glad to help.

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