When Essential Recruitment Steps Are Overwhelming

When Essential Recruitment Steps Are Overwhelming

The staffing process involves many stages that may be more than your small business can handle. Whether you are concerned about applicant tracking or interviewing candidates, the hiring experts at National PEO can assume your company’s workforce recruiting responsibilities. Request a quote online or call today to acquire our services from advertising jobs to onboarding new employees.

Finding Candidates

Besides posting jobs according to the latest labor laws, we access talent through various job search and career networking sites. Our PEO (Professional Employer Organization) recruiting database allows us to match your openings to additional possibilities.

Tracking Online Applicantsessentialrecruitingsteps

Using a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS), job seekers fill designated fields with personal, employment history, educational, and other qualification details. The ATS parses their title, duty, task, and responsibility descriptions, matching particular keywords to identify which contenders meet each job’s basic requirements. Tracking technology identifies the most suitable applicants, arranges interviews, and obtains essential information to complete equal employment opportunity (EEO) reports.

Evaluating Resumes

Unfortunately, some resumes exaggerate job hunters’ backgrounds and experience. National PEO’s adept recruiters are experts at separating embellished statements and phony claims from facts.

In “The Human Capital Edge,” authors Ira Kay and Bruce Pfau recommend choosing people who have held the same jobs in your industry and specific business climate for firms with similar cultures. They advise that past behaviors predict future actions. Therefore, we take the time to find the most appropriate, talented, and successful competitors who can be productive immediately.

Screening Contenders

Top recruiters conduct preliminary screenings via telephone interviews to verify basic skills and qualifications and work histories. They also can emphasize the key reasons why your company is able to attract and retain outstanding talent.

Interviewing Candidates

Although business owners and managers understand their firms’ needs, they may not know how to question potential employees properly. National PEO’s human resource (HR) staff stays current on the most effective and lawful ways to interview job seekers. We combine proven methods to decide which possibilities are good fits for specific jobs and your organization overall.

essentialrecruitingsteps1Responses reveal potential employees’ qualifications and abilities to perform key job duties while demonstrating their interpersonal communication skills. We also oversee skill appraisals when applicable. Our accomplished recruiters can assess which job hunters’ credentials, abilities, and ethics are compatible with any job’s requirements and your company’s philosophy and culture. They possess the expertise to appraise candidates for wide-ranging positions at all levels.

Selling your organization’s advantages may be essential to land the best applicants. We can stress key employee-focused areas including group benefit packages and flexible work schedules plus your recognition, reward, promotion, and retention practices.

Conducting Reference and Background Checks

These two crucial steps can help you avoid problems with your potential and current personnel. Professional National PEO recruiters comply with all complex employment laws to check references carefully. They can search databases that your company probably cannot access to make sure that contenders can perform specific jobs well and help your company grow.

Your operation may be liable for failing to conduct background checks on any employees who attack others at your premises. So today’s litigious society necessitates pursuing every available avenue to ensure that new hires do not have past transgressions that could endanger your existing workforce.

Our background checks involve examining potential staffers’ histories for any indications that could harm your firm. Using candidates’ Social Security numbers plus other vital information, we verify educational accomplishments and run criminal background checks. Screenings may include credit checks, certification and licensure verifications, military service validations, driving record checks, fake address and alias traces, and drug testing. Investigations that reveal clean records will confirm that trustworthy applicants are honest.

Selecting Talent

After all those steps, National PEO’s recruiters recommend the best suitably qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates. Our comprehensive processes will help everyone from business owners, hiring managers, and HR personnel to current workers believe that your firm made wise staffing decisions.

Onboarding New Hires

At National PEO, our recruiting services do not end when you hire new employees. We go a final step further to handle your complicated and time-sensitive onboarding documents. Our experts know how to file legally mandated I-9 Forms and follow E-Verify system rules properly to prevent potential fines and legal actions. Rather than filling out numerous employment forms, you will be free to get new hires working promptly.

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