Advantages of Switching to an Online Time Clock

Time and attendance management is a big challenge that modern approaches can improve today. Smaller companies need better ways to track workforce time entries and ensure adequate staffing.

One popular trend involves replacing outdated paper time cards and mechanical time clocks with contemporary web-based systems. Thanks to various technological advancements, innovative and sophisticated time-collection processes are much smoother today.

An online time clock can capture employees’ worked hours accurately on a central desktop computer, eliminating inefficient and error-prone manual calculations and processing. Computerized biometric devices use fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to identify individuals by their unique physical characteristics. Specialized software tracks and computes labor data automatically, offering numerous advantages.

Assessing Your Needs

More “Yes” answers to the following questions mean an online time and attendance program is a good fit your business:

  • Is your firm paying any personnel hourly?
  • Are some staffers mobile?
  • Do some employees operate from remote facilities or various jobsites?
  • Is knowing which workers have clocked in and where in real time essential?
  • Would you like to ensure that crewmembers receive accurate pay for the actual hours they worked, not their scheduled shifts?
  • Do you need to ensure that your company calculates, manages, and distributes overtime, vacation, and other time-off payments correctly?
  • Have tangible time cards and manual accounting become overly complicated, frustrating, or unreliable?
  • Are employee verification and dependability by location important?
  • Does your firm need a more decisive way to measure productivity?
  • Is determining the costs of goods and/or projects correctly challenging?
  • Would forecasting and calculating job costs more precisely be beneficial?

How Digital Workforce Management Helps

Tracking time enables you to exactly predict labor hours and establish staffing needs while verifying that personnel are fulfilling highest priority assignments first and evading unnecessary overtime. Insights into labor distribution and project expenditures with financial analysis capabilities can help you spot and restrain costly trends. Employees’ bad habits are easy to notice. You can show how excessive tardiness, extended breaks, repeated early departures, and absenteeism are reducing their average weekly hours, which could make them ineligible for continued full-time benefits.

Online recordkeeping is especially beneficial when crewmembers function from various locations. Instead of gathering time cards from multiple worksites, supervisors can see records and reports on their device screens. Viewing your team’s hours in real-time allows managers to make changes immediately rather than waiting for payroll day. Time logs and payroll tool synchronization occur automatically so paying your staff takes only a few quick clicks.

Establishing on-site labor management programs can cost large corporations thousands of dollars. If your small firm prefers not to host an application on your own network, one low fee will help you avoid high software, server, and IT expenses. Small operations appreciate modern systems’ flexibility because they can expand easily as their ventures grow.

Expected Business Improvements

Online labor tracking advantages include:

  • At your main facility, employees can punch in and out via a Web browser on a desktop computer. Remote field-based workers can clock in and out on smartphones devices with global positioning system (GPS) locators and biometric identification units.
  • Internet applications integrate with online payroll services.
  • Management and payroll personnel can access employee records anytime.
  • Bosses can approve staffers’ hours and attendance records and handle any exceptions electronically.
  • Web-based programs simplify overseeing work schedules, regulating overtime, and monitoring those extra expenses.
  • Retrieving employee Internet records makes administering paid time off easier.
  • Labor expense reports are easy to review online and print.
  • Federal, state, and local labor, wage, and hour law compliance is automatic. That will eliminate workers’ time theft and reduce unapproved overtime while determining service hours correctly for your Affordable Care Act reports.
  • Installing software and maintaining servers are not necessary. You will not have high initial outlays and extra costs for ongoing IT services.
  • Redundant security measures protect confidential data. Having backups at an off-site data center curtails breaches and avoids downtime from server crashes.

Get Your Team Online Today

If you are still wasting extra hours calculating workers’ time manually, consider seeking a modern solution from an established time and attendance provider. Switching to National PEO Time will streamline your recordkeeping while improving your bottom line. Pairing our online time clock with our online payroll system will ensure precise time, attendance, and payroll records. This money-saving combination will upgrade your speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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