Introducing the PrismHR Employee Self-Service Portal

Introducing the PrismHR Employee Self-Service Portal

Would granting employees quick, easy access to their HR information benefit your workforce? What if that also relieved your company’s management team of time-consuming questions and human resource (HR) duties? Then you will be glad that National PEO is partnering with a renowned software provider to offer the PrismHR Employee Self-Service Portal. This application is the latest entry in our continuous effort to supply small- to medium-sized organizations like yours with timesaving tools and services to become industry winners.

Workforce Advantagesemployeeselfservice

Intelligent. Intuitive. Interactive. Those are just three of the attributes that define PrismHR. The Employee Self-Service Portal also provides extra control, insight, and reliability through advanced technology and scalable software. Its intuitive web-based application offers power, efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Its modern design ensures easy operation and navigation.

PrismHR will brand your employees’ HR website with your firm’s color scheme and logo. Because it optimizes your system for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers, this versatile portal will adapt automatically to whatever device users have handy. After logging in, your staffers can bring up various personal HR data. Whenever. Wherever. Spanish-speaking users can switch the system’s toggle feature from English to display content in their native language. Also, it is not necessary to register your workforce. Now that is convenient.

Accessible Information

Self-service features mean employees can see multiple HR sections and functions on their dashboard screens. Watch a brief demo video of a sample site. It shows various ways workers can use each of these major areas:

Myself: Staffers can check their HR overviews, personal information, tax savings, and documents. They can even retrieve forgotten passwords through this section.

Time Off: Personnel can view their vacation and any other paid time-off histories and balances. Submitting leave requests is easy with details routing to their managers.

Benefits: Workers can go over their benefit summaries, flexible spending accounts, and retirement plan features.

Payroll: Employees can retrieve their income statements, pay stubs for any payments that the system has issued already, and reprint their W-2s and/or 1099 forms.

Messages: Specific workers or personnel groups can receive management messages like policy changes. They can open notifications about approaching events like meetings.

Events: This section organizes staffers’ upcoming consultations and other events so they can stay on schedule.

Meeting HR Needs

FW Davison & Company recently celebrated their success since 1985 by rebranding to become PrismHR. From its Massachusetts headquarters, the firm supplies Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) like National PEO with innovative enterprise software solutions that fuel progress and satisfaction among outsourcing companies and their customers. It fulfills the diverse business needs of over 58,000 clients and 1.35 million worksite staffers.

Your operation can benefit from PrismHR’s latest investment in next-generation technological advancements and talent to improve its already industry-leading products. Every organization has its own particular evolving needs. Fortunately, the PrismHR platform is flexible and scalable to handle your workforce today and tomorrow.

employeeselfservice2Safety and Security

PrismHR understands the importance of protecting confidential business and employee information, so it ensures a comprehensive and sophisticated security approach. The PrismHR Private Cloud uses partitioned, private storage and multiple firewalls. Replicating your data in real time allows business continuity.

The cloud meets standards and certifications including ISO 27001-27002, SSAE16, SOC 1-3, CPS, PCI-DSS, and Safe Harbor. It includes disaster recovery and failover features. An independent third party conducts annual threat assessments. Thanks to granular security and Single Sign on (SSO) controlling who accesses your platform, you can trust that your team’s data will stay secure and safe.

Offer New Perks Today

In our modern competitive job market, providing benefits that tech-savvy workers need and appreciate can help you acquire and hold onto top talent. The PrismHR Employee Self-Service Portal delivers such benefits by combing multiple resources in one handy application. So National PEO is proud and excited to present this software solution to expand our current payroll and HR assistance offerings.

Contact National PEO today to celebrate this new affiliation by upgrading your staff-focused HR efforts. Using your custom site with a design that is unique to your firm, your portal will simplify how your employees retrieve their own personnel data ? anytime and anywhere. When you decide to take the struggle out of supplying work records, you will reduce management’s frustrating and time-intensive efforts to satisfy and retain current staffers and future recruits.

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