Welcome to the PrismHR Manager Self-Service Portal

Welcome to the PrismHR Manager Self-Service Portal


Has overseeing employees’ paperwork the traditional way become a nightmare? Is putting your hands on in-demand data and documents an exasperating and lengthy challenge? Then discovering a fast, efficient, and innovative way to manage these and other human resource (HR) functions will be a welcome surprise.

National PEO provides the most convenient product and service offerings to relieve back-office burdens, so key players in small- and medium-sized operations can focus on being successful. Now, we are proud to enhance our current HR assistance with the Web-based PrismHR Manager Self-Service Portal.

Business Advantages

HRPicThis complete yet flexible software-driven platform features an individualized dashboard that will meet your organization’s and various managers’ diverse HR needs. Thanks to the filtering system’s role-based access, users can view only what decision makers allow them to retrieve ? and nothing beyond their pre-authorized ranks. Administrators can control which supervisors can see what menu items, fields, and reports by jobs or individuals. They can empower HR and management-level personnel to perform specific functions including entering and approving employees’ timecards, processing payroll, and handling requests for time off work.

Information Access

Watch this demo video for a brief overview of the PrismHR Manager Self-Service Portal with Arrow Technologies as an example company. It reveals how this intuitive online tool lets administrators and managers procure whatever HR insight and data they need. Popular options include:

Personnel: At login, photos, titles, names, and contact information for key support team members appear. Every user’s role defines what else he can view on his screen. Complete access brings up a list of all employees’ names and contact details. However, someone with lower-level clearance might see just a subset of workers or only the members of the division or department he manages.

Favorites: The left-hand side of the screen features Favorites for instant access to frequently needed items. For example, the Organization Chart illustrates your company’s current reporting relationships by departments with titles and names. Total Compensation displays a staff list. Retrieve a sample employee statement to review the total cost of employing her. A pie chart illustrates her salary, benefits, and retirement compensations proportionally. The Retirement slice shows FICA and company-matching contribution costs while the Benefit section reveals your firm’s contributions toward her benefit plans.

Employee records: Users can access individual workers’ comprehensive records in several ways. Select Employee Details from the favorites’ list, and click on any person’s name in the company list. Browse through pop-up menu options. Or key in the beginning of a staffer’s name. After retrieving that record, you can review it and upload or update that person’s picture.

hrpic2Tabs: Assorted tabs provide many helpful facts. View worker’s personal information, up to three addresses for different purposes, work assignment details, and payroll entries. Variable pay calculation methods range from alternate rates to accommodating job changes. Tabs display employees’ taxes, direct deposit specifics, skills, and education. The Property tab keeps track of each staffer’s company-assigned equipment like computers and mobile phones.

Other data: Clicking the staff icon reveals more functions including uploading various documents. Authorized users can permit workers to access appropriate files via the PrismHR Employee Self-Service Portal. Running a specialized report makes it appear instantly. You can delve into appropriate information deeper. Actions include printing records, converting them into PDFs, and downloading data to import it into Excel spreadsheets.

Meet the Software Provider

Since 1985, PrismHR (formerly FW Davison & Company) has supplied enterprise application software to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) like National PEO and their clients. Its industry-leading agile methodology allows operators to use the Manager Self-Service Portal’s integrated capabilities anytime from any location across numerous devices with Internet access. This next-generation solution features the PrismHR Private Cloud with all the necessary security measures to protect your sensitive company and workforce data.

Sign up Today

Call National PEO to sign up for your PrismHR Manager Self-Service Portal. It is the perfect companion to other HR outsourcing services that make National PEO a great partner for your business. Our certified and skilled HR professionals can provide just the services you need. Choose from employee handbooks, employment forms, labor law compliance, job descriptions, HR training, recruiting, job candidate background checks, HR software, educational webinars, and E-verifications. By collaborating with PrismHR, our assistance can make your company even easier to run.

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