Outsourcing Employee Eligibility Verifications

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Outsourcing Employee Eligibility Verifications

Outsourcing Employee Eligibility VerificationsAbout 20 million Americas are underemployed or unemployed while 7 million others are holding U.S. jobs unlawfully. Multiple studies report that illegal workers take Americans’ jobs or lower their earnings. Legally authorized residents who need an income should have those positions instead, notes Texas Rep. Lamar Smith. The E-Verify system, started in 2001 and launched formally in 2007, has curtailed illegal aliens working in the United States greatly. While it is voluntary in many states, Arizona law makes in mandatory.

According to the Legal Workers Act in Arizona, organizations must validate all employees’ work eligibilities via the E-Verify Arizona I-9 system. Experts explain that method, its virtues, and your specific responsibilities. Obeying all steps and timelines can be a confusing and time-consuming challenge, especially for small companies. National PEO, an official E-Verify agent, can enroll your firm in the system and handle your processing requirements precisely. By assuring compliance, you can evade business license suspensions or revocation. We stay current on all changing federal and state immigration law so you can dodge penalties, financial reparations, and prosecution.

E-Verify Overview

The federal government administers the free E-Verify system to confirm employment eligibility status for employers. Over 1.4 million employment websites and around 575,000 companies are using this Web-based employment confirmation resource. Roughly 1,400 organizations join per week. Businesses of all sizes from all industries across the nation ran 28 million+ cases through the system during 2014.

This easy-to-use online tool crosschecks newly hired employees’ Form I-9 work authorization documents against U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) records. Immediate outcomes include these possibilities:

  • Immediate confirmation, which reassures you that your new recruit’s work authorization is legal
  • Tentative nonconfirmation (TNC), which designates mismatched information
  • DHS verification in process, which specifies a slight delay to review database records manually. An authorization or tentative nonconfirmation follows within 24-48 hours usually.

As of January 2015, E-Verify performance statistics included:

  • 81 percent of work authorization requests received automatic confirmations
  • 98 percent were unauthorized
  • 22 percent received confirmations after initial mismatches
  • 19 percent were unresolved cases
  • 01 percent of contested mismatches were unauthorized

Program Advantages

Currently, E-Verify:

  • Ensures that your workforce is legal
  • Hinders identity and document frauds
  • Virtually ends SSA mismatch notifications
  • Protects authorized workers’ jobs
  • Upgrades the reporting accuracy of wages and taxes
  • Works with Form I-9 seamlessly

The government improves the E-Verify system continually. Its biometric verification tool detects identity theft while processing employee eligibility. It checks images on new recruits’ Employment Authorization Documents, Green (Permanent Resident) Cards, or U.S. Passports against 14.8 million images in DHS databases. Individuals using myE-Verify can check their own employment eligibility and ward off identity theft. Soon, smartphone usage will be possible.

Outsourcing Employee Eligibility VerificationsForm I-9 Requirements

E-Verify does not replace I-9, a concurrent documentation obligation. While your entity uses E-Verify, completing I-9 forms and complying with all retention requirements remain mandatory. These combined procedures strengthen all employment verifications. Your company or agent must run all newly hired workers’ I-9 details into the E-Verify system by the third business day following their starting dates. This extensive solution relieves corporate concerns about I-9 inadequacies, minimizing erroneous employment verifications.

If you must undergo I-9 audits, your E-Verify enrollment represents your establishment’s good-faith conduct. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will hold you responsible for incomplete I-9s and forms containing errors. However, since that agency assesses good-faith efforts when calculating fines, it is likely to lessen any penalties. National PEO’s expert services can help you skip these problems altogether.

Handling Nonconfirmations

All TNCs require employees to correct their documentation or contact E-Verify administrators to amend the system’s faulty data within eight federal workdays. Whenever staffers cannot resolve their documentation issues, final nonconfirmations (FNCs) demand terminations. E-Verify specifies compulsory actions for employers to follow while providing legal justifications for terminations and supportive documents.

However, if you retain ineligible personnel after FNCs, notifying DHS via E-Verify is obligatory. Your firm may receive $550 to $1,100 penalties for every policy infringement. In addition, you could encounter rebuttable presumptions that you violated the Immigration and Nationality Act by employing unauthorized workers knowingly.

Currently, new recruits or companies can call E-Verify or the Office of Special Counsel to ask final nonconfirmation questions. Ultimately, DHS plans to diminish mistaken FNCs by devising and enacting official appeal and review processes that will track and examine such cases better. Presumably, additional rules and timelines will accompany those updates.


Outsourcing Administrative Tasks

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Why You Should Outsource Administrative Tasks to Enhance Your Business

Outsource Administrative TasksToo often, talented entrepreneurs think that they can handle every back-office duty on their own, but letting busywork sidetrack you can stall business development. Enlightened leaders recognize the value of outsourcing essential organizational aspects that they don’t need to handle personally, says entrepreneur David Walsh. Delegating such responsibilities to external professionals enables small firms to compete with and triumph over their largest competitors.

Building your operation with help from an ASO (administrative services organization) will free up your time to concentrate on generating revenue. It can have powerful impacts on your company’s productivity, procedural efficiency, bottom line, and growth. The following tips will help you discover which everyday tasks to farm out and when along with the advantages of that smart decision.

Choosing Ideal Duties

To determine which responsibilities are the best or safest to outsource, consider these three questions for each:

  1. Is that function a business differentiator or core strategic element?
  2. Must you retain full control of that task to provide your unique added value?
  3. Do you execute that role better or for a lower price than an external service provider?

If all your answers are “Yes” for any discipline, it’s probably not a good choice. Keep major operations in house to regulate your products and services’ quality while maximizing your competitive advantages. But “No” answers indicate that outsourcing could be your best option. Consider common services that many companies delegate:

Payroll: Unless your field is accounting, handling payroll in house is risky. Not only are payroll taxes complicated, processing them incorrectly can lead to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) troubles. Protect yourself by turning this vital function over to an outsourcing firm with accounting experts who specialize in accuracy and adhering to federal and state laws. You’ll have peace of mind, trusting that professionals handled your payroll taxes properly.

National PEO’s payment options give your employees the flexibility of three convenient choices. They range from traditional paper checks to modern alternatives including direct deposit with NPower (eco-friendly online pay stubs), and PayCards (FDIC-insured accounts).

Benefits administration: Using external service providers to manage your employee benefits can be a wise move because their professionals must follow the most current employment laws, regulations, and standards.

Outsource Administrative TasksRecruiting: An outside ASO can administer your talent acquisition functions skillfully. Its specialists are proficient at job postings, applicant screenings, and reference checks.

Other human resources (HR) duties and workers’ compensation round out National PEO’s administrative services. Select any number individually or create your own bundle of just the options you need. Our paperwork specialists fulfill every task with professional expertise, accuracy, and speed.

Timing Your Subcontracting Move

The most suitable time to outsource varies between companies. If your business is very small, entrepreneur Laura Lee Sparks advises that outsourcing from the outset may be a logical decision. But if in-house staffers are in place to conduct daily activities, you might need remote help to shoulder new assignments that don’t justify hiring more full-time employees. Also consider an ASO when your team is no longer able to build your organization while managing your routine operations.

Weighing Benefits vs. Costs

Outsourcing is a proven and affordable way to grow your company without allowing it overtaking your life. Its advantages allow you to:

Focus on central business activities. Farming out duties liberates owners, supervisors, and workers to devote their concentration and efforts to your organization’s core competencies like income-generating functions.

Embrace growth. If the urge to expand your operation coincides with growth opportunities, will you be ready to scale your business? When you outsource, you’ll be free to establish new goals with methods to reach them. And your staff will be available to help your dreams thrive.

Reach visionary and efficiency excellence. An outsourcing firm gives you access to the newest technologies, innovative approaches, and advanced solutions that aren’t available otherwise. Its talented team excels at administrative efficiency.

Reduce expenses. ASO service fees are substantially less than what you’d pay full-time employees to handle the same tasks, increasing your bottom line. You can build a team of accomplished professionals without the added expenses of hiring, training, and managing new staffers. Outsourcing also saves you the overhead burdens of payroll taxes, health and worker’s compensation insurance, and larger, more expensive office space for an in-house team. Your resulting lower fixed budget can be a key to success.

Key Start-up Business Development Tips

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Key Start-up Business Development Tips

Key Start-up TipsEstablishing a new enterprise is an exciting adventure. But like other firsts, owners learn important lessons when initial attempts require modifications. Three business founders share their real-life examples for you to consider as you undertake your new venture.

Pursue Your Passion — and Revenue Will Follow

Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs’ top priority is bringing in money. But Adam McLane says that passion should fuel any business dream that’s worth achieving. If you hone in on your driving force to provide the finest quality products and/or services instead, financial gains will follow.

Outsource Specialized Services

Launching your own business involves much more than the rush of pursuing your passion finally. If you’re not careful, tedious yet necessary duties like accounting, payroll, ordering supplies, employee management, and legal issues can eat up too much of your time. Besides organizing your schedule and tasks, delegating certain functions to other professionals can be very helpful. Don’t waste valuable hours attempting to understand confusing payroll taxes just to conserve a little money, Nick Andrews advises.

Your time is a precious commodity, so outsourcing functions that aren’t among your core competencies makes financial sense. National PEO can take the payroll administration burden off your plate so you can concentrate on growing your business. We guarantee speedy accuracy as our experts handle taxes, offer multiple convenient payment methods, and produce custom reports that reflect details like sick and vacation days. And our affordable service fees are under what you’d pay your own office staff.

Utilize Online and Cloud-Based Tools

Google everything, McLane suggests. You’ll find expert tips and advice on creating your organization free online. Numerous, often-free tools also are available to assist new business owners. Andrews recommends Bizetto.com for a wide range of tools that facilitate establishing and running your company. The U.S. Small Business Administration website offers advice via articles, online training, videos, and discussion forums. Google’s cloud-based work tools including Google Docs, Drive, and Calendar are helpful wherever you are. Using WordPress templates, you can custom build a website without an expensive web designer.

Set Realistic Expectations

Creating and managing a company is a time-consuming challenge. To fix your mind every morning, Daniel Horgan suggests listing achievable goals with appropriate and distraction-free time allocations. Then complete each task before moving on to the next so you don’t waste time bouncing between them.

You may spend countless hours working and many others contemplating your responsibilities, says Andrews, so set practical expectations for your spare time. Be sure family and friends are okay with your new venture claiming your focus. Or strike a reasonable work/life balance by making time to enjoy people and activities away from work.

Key Start-up TipsAlways Focus on Your Clients

If you don’t align your business plan with creating exceptional customer value, your company won’t endure. You must offer solutions to meet your clients’ needs continuously, Andrews says. To monitor customer feedback, Google your firm’s name to find online reviews and social conversations.

Don’t let single negative comments discourage you. Look for similar response trends instead. If your start-up is too young to have significant opinions available online, use surveys or contact patrons directly. Most people are eager to describe their personal experiences, so use consumer feedback to improve your organization.

Get Free Advice through Networking

The numbers of fellow entrepreneurs who are generous with helpful knowledge will amaze you. Networking provides free guidance that enhances your enterprise, helps you locate potential employees, and opens doors to reach prospective clients.

The start-up collective is surprisingly supportive, so engaging with it is key. Andrews recommends LinkedIn for connecting with other new business owners, joining groups, collaborating with members, and finding new clientele.

Listen More and Talk Less

You may be anxious to promote your products and/or services to others, but listening more than you talk can be enlightening. Horgan recommends noting common questions people ask, your responses, and listeners’ reactions. Discover which answers resonate with others most. Pay special attention to what people aren’t saying, and follow up with questions that will uncover key details that distinguish your brand.

Test Constantly

Your clients deserve ongoing innovations. Andrews advises that every business type should test new ideas, methods, products, and services continuously. But don’t overcomplicate the process. Before testing, determine what you’re assessing and how you’ll measure it. Then conduct small experiments with minimal risks, and opportunities to realize massive wins may follow.

Why, When & How to Switch PEOs

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Why, When & How to Switch PEOs

Switching PEOsUsing a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is completely necessary for most mid-sized businesses. PEOs offer a wealth of services, like providing benefits, overseeing payroll, and aiding in recruitment efforts. However, businesses expand and change, and eventually your company might outgrow the PEO you started with all those years ago.

If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated the usefulness if your current PEO’s services, you may be due for a PEO audit to determine the value of switching providers. Here’s everything you need to know about changing PEOs.

The Why

You may have become comfortable with your current PEO, but that comfort could be clouding your ability to determine whether or not your PEO is providing everything you really need. There are four main reasons companies should seriously consider switching service providers.

  1. Cost savings. It’s just a fact: Some companies charge more for services than others. If the economy is hitting your business particularly hard, you may need to look for a PEO that better suits your budget. However, be aware that cheaper PEOs will likely provide fewer options or lower quality service than more expensive ones.
  2. Lack of transparency. Some PEOs aren’t good at letting their company clients know what their fees are going toward. Payments for various PEO services may transfer in a lump sum, and PEOs may fail to itemize the costs of their various services. Companies exist to make profit, not spend it, so companies like to know how exactly PEOs are using their money. If your PEO isn’t telling you what your funds are going toward, you may be able to do better somewhere else.
  3. Substandard service. This one is a no-brainer — if you aren’t being treated right by your PEO, it’s time to move on. Poor service can manifest in unreturned communications, inappropriate insurance, or even incorrect procedures, like wrong payments or missing benefits.
  4. Unmatched growth. The most important goal of any business is progress, and sometimes companies move faster than the providers they employ. Your business may have more workers than your PEO can handle, or you may desire benefits your PEO simply can’t provide; there are myriad ways PEOS can’t expand with a company, and the only way for a company to continue up is to get out.

When to Switch PEOsThe When

No matter the reason companies need to switch PEOs, the timing of the change can be critical. Payroll taxes and health insurance fees reset during specific times of the year, meaning selecting a new PEO services provider at the right time could save you serious money.

Payroll taxes are those taxes taken out of employee paychecks for Social Security, Medicare, and other taxes. If you change your payroll services provider at the wrong time, these already-paid taxes could actually be forfeit, meaning you’ll need to repay all of those dues. Depending on the amount on your payroll and your number of employees, you could cost yourself $100,000 or more for this mistake.

Meanwhile, providing health insurance for your employees is mandatory, and you face strict penalties if you fail to cover your employees for a certain period of time during the year. If you leave your current PEO without another PEO in the works or without appropriate coverage options for your workers, you’ll pay. Additionally, you risk your employees’ insurance deductibles; since these payments add up throughout the year, if you switch benefits packages in the middle of the cycle, you and your employees may lose all the money you’ve contributed to those deductibles and have to start over from scratch.

The How

Once you discover that your current PEO isn’t providing everything you want or need, you might be tempted to ditch them and find someone new right away. However, if you don’t allow for the proper research, you could find yourself in the same situation you started: employing an inappropriate PEO with unsatisfactory services creating intense headaches and costing you more money than you have. Instead of succumbing to that knee-jerk reaction, be patient and diligent in your new PEO search.

First, review your new needs and how your current PEO isn’t servicing them. You must know exactly what to look for before you begin your search. This will help narrow your search and give you something to look for in the long list of PEO services.

After you’ve assembled a list of likely candidates, you can revert to more traditional lines of questioning to find the perfect pick. Ask about the strength of their company (how long they’ve been in business, how many clients they serve) and their compliance with various governmental regulations. You should also be asking about fees — it’s always a good idea to get the best bang for your buck, and the cost of services could be the deciding factor in your search.

Many PEOs do their job so well you barely even remember they’re there. However, when a PEO becomes unmanageable, it’s time to look elsewhere. The search for a new PEO can be grueling, but it will be rewarding when you find a PEO with the perfect fit.

When and Why to Outsource Your Payroll

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When & Why to Outsource Your Payroll

Why to Outsource Your Payroll The economy is growing (finally!) and your business is booming like you haven’t seen in more than six years. You’ve successfully fought your way from start-up all the way through small status to reach the coveted position of medium-sized business. You have more employees — and profits, don’t forget those — than you know what to do with, and your accounting and human resources departments are feeling significantly overwhelmed.

Payroll was a headache when you had four employees and you were working out of your garage, and now with 50 or more people looking for their paychecks every two weeks, you find your time and resources devoted solely to getting everyone paid on-time and in full.

Close down your Excel sheets and throw out your calculator; there’s a much better way to make sure your payroll is completed efficiently and accurately for every employee, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. Outsourcing payroll services is quickly becoming the only way mid-sized businesses can stay afloat of their rapidly increasing workforce. Here are five big reasons you should shrug the responsibility of payroll onto a trusted and qualified PEO.

Cut Back on Costs

It’s true, you’ll save if you pay someone else to worry about payroll. Many small and medium businesses falsely believe that doing everything in-house will save tons of money, but research shows that this just isn’t the case. Factor in the time and energy your staff is devoting to payroll every week, and you’ll find that you’re retaining salaried employees just to grapple with everyone else’s payroll. Consider these activities that are completely essential to completing payroll every pay period:

  • Calculating total and individual payroll every pay period
  • Printing, verifying and signing pay checks or stubs
  • Distributing pay checks or stubs to appropriate employees
  • Creating and verifying reports for accounting records
  • Generating and sending payroll taxes to various government agencies

Staff tasked with payroll services just can’t get anything else done. If you ease their workload by outsourcing payroll, you’ll find increased productivity, which brings in more revenue, and happier workers.

Avoid Facing the IRS

Because payroll is so complicated, many small and mid-sized businesses fail to accurately report the money they spend on salaries and wages. The IRS states that one in three employers makes a payroll-related mistake on their taxes, which results in fines and penalties incurred by various individual companies totaling more than a billion dollars annually.

PEOs, who basically function as outsourced human resources departments, are practiced hands with payroll. They have all the necessary technology to keep track of employees, salaries and benefits, and they’ll have all the necessary payroll tax information organized and accurate without any intervention from you. Fees and penalties are a useless drain on your company’s profit margins, and you’d do much better to avoid the risk of making a mistake on your taxes.

Improve Your Company’s Security

Your employees forfeit a surfeit of information in order to get paid. Not only does payroll require sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers, but most employers require social security numbers and even bank account information to pay their employees. Even with trustworthy employees and top-of-the-line network security software, you could experience an information leak putting your employees (and your company) at risk.

If you want to avoid identity theft, embezzlement and tampering with records, don’t trust your employees; trust a company that makes its name on the safety and accuracy of its services.

When to Outsource Your PayrollOffer Upgraded Services

Payroll is complicated in and of itself, so for the in-house payroll department, it is virtually unthinkable to add any special bells and whistles to the process. This means your employees must suffer through the old-fashioned activity of receiving their paychecks and visiting the bank to deposit their money. Going to the bank is a chore no matter what the occasion, and antiquated payroll techniques that require it weigh heavily on employee morale.

If you use outsourced payroll services, it’s likely you’ll be eligible to receive more advanced payroll practices, like direct deposit into bank accounts. This speeds the receipt of employees’ payment, making them happier overall.

Get Rid of Pain

We’ve said that payroll is a headache, and it’s not just a metaphor. The stress of payroll is immense, and such intense stress takes its toll on the body. From regular migraines to nausea to insomnia to decreased libido, pains caused by trying to fix your own payroll woes are almost impossible to measure.

Instead of trying to treat the symptoms, treat the disease at its source by getting rid of your in-house payroll system. You’ll find that your nightmares will disappear almost immediately after you have other people worrying about getting everything right. You can rest comfortably and easily while an established and qualified PEO takes care of your troubles for you.




Ease Your Benefits Burden: Outsource Workers’ Compensation

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Running a small to medium-sized business entails many challenges, and complying with workers’ compensation regulations is one of them. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to focus on running your business and keeping up with ever-evolving statutes. Outsourcing your workers’ compensation administration takes a huge benefits burden off your shoulders, saves you time and money and helps guarantee you a happier, healthier work force.

When you hire a PEO to handle your workers compensation responsibilities, you’ll be putting professionals in charge of your claims administration, insurance and policy audits, and all your other financial details. Let our PEO handle all the heavy administrative lifting, so you can put your time, energy and attention where it belongs — on running your business.

Get Claims Handled Quickly

When an employee gets hurt at work, getting him or her the needed medical attention is a priority. The sooner you can get your employee taken care of, the sooner he or she returns to work, and the sooner the whole company can move on. When you outsource your workers’ compensation process to us, we’ll get your claims handled quickly and efficiently so you can get your injured employees healed up and back on the job.

Save Money

If you’re like most small or medium-sized business employers who handle their own workers’ compensation administration, you probably pay a deposit, followed by monthly or quarterly payments. You’ll then need to do an audit at the end of the year just to see whether you may have overpaid or fallen short.

You’re wasting time and money when you do it this way. When you outsource your workers’ comp to a PEO like ours, there’s no need for deposits, monthly or quarterly payments or end-of-the-year payroll audits. We’ll calculate your workers’ compensation payments at the end of each pay period based on your actual payroll numbers. Then we’ll let you know what your premiums are and you can pay exactly what you owe for your workers’ compensation costs — no less, no more.

Make Your Workplace Safer

When you outsource your workers’ compensation administration you’ll get valuable advice on how you can make your workplace safer. A safer workplace means fewer worker injuries and that means fewer workers’ compensation claims. Committing to a safety plan can lower your insurance payments and boost your employees’ morale. We’ll work with you to help you develop a workplace health and safety plan that can boost overall productivity and improve your bottom line.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your workplace safer, too. Make sure all of your employees have the right uniforms and safety gear — that’s a given. Inspect your premises regularly to make sure everything’s in good shape. Put anti-slip rubber mats in front of exterior doors and in tiled corridors. Make sure smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in good working order, and that you’re in compliance with all safety regulations — we’ll help you with that, of course.

Sometimes improving employee health and safety is as simple as encouraging better hygiene. Post hand-washing instructions in employee restrooms; washing your hands with soap and water is the single most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of illness.

Improve Employee Fitness

Did you know that under the Affordable Care Act, your business could get tax incentives for implementing employee wellness programs? Wellness programs keep your employees healthy and happy, so they can be more productive and work harder for your company. When you outsource your workers’ compensation administration with us, we can help you make sense of how the new health care reform law applies to your business and how you can take advantage of it to improve your employees’ health.

Employee wellness programs encourage your employees to exercise more often, and exercise improves balance and coordination. That means your employees are less likely to fall or injure themselves at work. Encouraging your employees to join a gym or learn about proper nutrition can help them cultivate more energy and that can mean dividends for your company.

Workers’ compensation administration tasks are complex and the risks of mishandling them are high. You could be vulnerable to fines and penalties if you don’t provide a safe work environment or process workers’ comp claims correctly. You could lose your best employees if your workplace is unsafe or if workers’ compensation is delayed or handled poorly. Give yourself a break when it comes to calculating premiums and filing claims. Put your workers’ compensation in the hands of professionals by contacting National PEO today as we know the employment laws and can help make sure your small to mid-sized business is in compliance with every one of them. You’ll save time and money and could possibly avoid a lot of trouble, too.

5 Reasons to Outsource Unemployment Claims

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No matter what the size of your business, handling unemployment claims is daunting. A single claimant can cost your company quite a bit of money, especially considering that the average unemployment claimant collects about $330 a week in benefits. Plenty of businesses overpay when it comes to unemployment claims, too — yearly unemployment-related overpayments by American businesses come to about $17.5 billion.

Thankfully, outsourcing your unemployment claims administration can save you money and time. PEOs have the expertise and resources your business needs to successfully and efficiently deal with unemployment claims in the cheapest way possible. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing your unemployment claims administration process.

Put Your Unemployment Claims in the Hands of Professionals

As a business owner, you have enough on your mind without having to memorize all of your state’s unemployment regulations and procedures. A single HR employee might not be capable of handling your unemployment claims process all by him or herself, considering that he or she will also be juggling payroll, benefits, worker’s comp and more. What will you do if you lose your HR person for some reason? Bungling an unemployment claim could land you in some pretty hot water.

Unemployment claims administration is just one of many business administration processes you can outsource to a PEO. You’ll have all the benefits of a fully-staffed HR department at a fraction of the cost of a full annual salary and benefits for one or more HR employees. Even if you do have an HR person, working with a PEO can make it easier to give that person time off for vacation, maternity leave or FMLA leave.

Save Money on Unemployment Claims

When you’re running a business, every penny counts. So you don’t want yours to be one of those companies that spends 11.2 percent more than necessary on unemployment claims, do you?

When you outsource your unemployment claims administration you’ll save money not only on the administrative costs themselves, but on the claims, too. Outsourcing your unemployment benefits to a PEO is much cheaper than paying an internal employee to do them. If you have been using an internal employee to handle your unemployment claims, or if you’ve been handling them yourself, you’ll free up valuable time that you or your employees could spend on more important things, things related directly to your business operations.

You’ll get help auditing claims and deciding which claims are warranted and which are unwarranted. You’ll only pay what you owe on legitimate claims. That will save you money that you can reinvest in other areas of your business.

Get Help with Unemployment Hearings

Unemployment claims hearings are one of the most intimidating things you can face as an employer, but when you outsource your unemployment claims services, you can get advice about how to navigate unemployment hearings. It’s vital to prepare for an unemployment claim hearing in advance. You need to know what the hearing process entails. We can help you coordinate your efforts with the relevant folks and have all your documentation submitted as necessary, both before and during the hearing. You’ll know what questions you can expect to be asked during the hearing and you’ll be able to prepare yourself with answers ahead of time. Being prepared is the best way to feel confident during the hearing and achieve a good outcome.

Manage Unemployment Taxes

Outsourcing your unemployment claims administration can also help you get tax management assistance. You need to know what unemployment tax rates you should be paying, especially since these rates can change from one state to the next and over time. You may also want help with tricks and tips to help you save on your unemployment tax contributions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Employment Law Advice

When you outsource your unemployment benefit claims administration, you can even get advice on every aspect of employment law compliance, including hiring, firing and disciplining your employees. Today’s companies must comply with an absolutely overwhelming number of employment regulations, and with the new health care reform coming in, things are getting even more complicated. It’s enough to make your head spin. But you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Outsource your unemployment claims administration and be assured you’re always in compliance with employment regulations when you hire, fire, discipline and manage an employee. In fact, if you want, we’ll take care of the hiring, firing and disciplining for you.

Outsourcing your unemployment benefits administration can free up time and money for your business. You’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best — running your business. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re in compliance with unemployment regulations or paying the right amount in taxes and fees. We’ll take care of the books, and let you take care of your company.