HR Outsourcing, Immigration Compliance

HR Outsourcing, Immigration Compliance

by National Peo

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Scottsdale, ArizonaJune 23, 2006 – U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, or INS, regulations continue to mount significant pressures on businesses, driving up the demand for cost-effective, compliance solutions. With INS now a function of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), business practice is being scrutinized by the federal government even more, forcing serious consequences on violations.

As a result, National PEO, LLC has realized stronger demand within client organizations to ensure INS regulatory compliance. In its role, National PEO, LLC, a professional employer organization, completes and files I-9 documentation and performs routine and unannounced I-9 audits to identify and proactively address potential violations. National PEO further helps its clients correct processes to ensure conformity.

“We’re pleased to add this comprehensive, high-level security to our clients at extremely competitive rates,” states Hooman Nikzad, Managing Partner at National PEO, LLC. “We have the experience and up-to-the minute knowledge our clients need, staying on top of the latest laws and guidelines and saving our clients substantial time and revenue both in administration and costly error avoidance.”

Many small to mid-sized businesses need standard policy and procedure audits, program development and training, but aren’t ready to hire a full-time, permanent Human Resource manager. While larger firms use the company’s specialized knowledge and counseling services on an as-needed basis for HR, worker’s compensation, safety, hiring and payroll processing.

In addition to ensuring clients are fully compliant with INS regulations, National PEO, LLC offers a full-service Human Resource outsourced solution. The company offers employee benefits management, training and development, among other services. Helping companies maintain cost, National PEO, LLC acquires customized, affordable mini-medical insurance plans to support tipped and low-wage earners, while managing and administering the complicated payroll needs of tipped employees including tip credits, overtime and exempt vs. non-exempt issues. The company also audits, tests and ensures compliance of current payroll methods based on Fair Labor Standards Act regulations. National PEO, LLC’s training solutions advance the skills of employees, managers and supervisors spanning topics on customer service to leadership. All services are included in one, predictable and fixed cost.

National PEO helps businesses transfer the burden of their human resource function on a low-cost, contractual basis, eliminating the time and cost involved in non-productive, but essential, processes. Their services include Worker’s Compensation and safety management, payroll and Human Resource outsourcing including labor law compliance, employee handbooks, F.L.S.A. and Fair Pay Act compliance, employee relations, training and development, corrective action and conflict resolution, group and individual benefits management, 401K plans, strategic planning and management training seminars. The company also provides Spanish services and background checks.

This press release was sponsored by National PEO, LLC. National PEO is a leading provider of PEO services to hundreds of companies all over the US. Let us handle the burden of Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Worker’s Comp, and Human Resources for your company. Contact us today to request a quote!

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