Employee Handbook and Forms

Employee Handbook and Forms

by National Peo

Every company should consider the development of an employee handbook.  This valuable asset brings organization and communications to a whole new meaning. How many times have you heard, “I didn’t know that”, from an employee?  How many countless hours are spent answering questions about health benefits, vacation time, paycards or payroll issues?  There is a simple solution to address these time consuming tasks, refer them to their employee handbook. First, you have to develop a handbook tailored to your specific business protocols.

An Arizona employee handbook recently developed in Phoenix, first began with a welcome section.  It is in this section that the employer compiled biographies and welcome letters from the President and CEO to the supervisor of maintenance operations.  The Phoenix employee handbook went as far as to include a map of the area and coupons to various events in the city.  After the welcome section, the handbook was divided into informational partitions that included; administrative forms for the employee to fill out, a job description for the position that employee has been hired at, an overview of how the company operates and a description of benefits. Tucson employers just recently developed an interesting handbook also.

A Tucson employee handbook delivered yesterday has a beautiful color picture of an Arizona sunset on it.  It was discovered that if the front cover looks nice, employees tend to take more pride and care of their handbook. Additionally, the company is offering a contest where employees can submit pictures of “anything Arizona” to be placed on the new edition. This Tucson company also added several pages for employees to take notes on. Any questions they may have for personnel or the human resources department can be easily located. Another interesting addition to an employee handbook was in Nevada.

A Las Vegas employee handbook includes all the state laws on gaming.  It also has a section for employees of the casino on how to manage their time more efficiently.  Not all companies want or are expected to have employee friendly handbooks. If you want employees to read it, use it and keep it in good condition (remember many get lost and have to be replaced) it might be wise to make it employee USEFUL, something to be taken care of, as well as informational.

Employee handbooks have numerous benefits.  They save you time and money in answering the same questions that get asked a multitude of times per day. Handbooks keep everyone on the same page so-to speak.  There are as many handbook designs as there are specifically named sections of a handbook.  Each employee’s handbook has to be designed with the business’ needs in mind. A professional employer organization knows how to get you started on preparing a handbook that will save you time and money and be suited to include all the information your employee(s) may need.  It makes work-life easier for you and for them. There will still be questions to answer but you can address that in an addendum/revised policy section.  The possibilities are endless.