First Hour, First Day – Arizona PEO Companies Recommend Strong New Hire Orientations

First Hour, First Day – Arizona PEO Companies Recommend Strong New Hire Orientations

by National Peo

Arizona PEO companies and HR consulting firms are working towards removing the question, “What new hire orientation?” from the minds of Arizona business owners and their employees.  Our consultants are too frequently hearing comments like, “I didn’t know that Jim was the owner until after I’d been here for three weeks” or, “If Sharon hadn’t told me time cards were due on Tuesdays, I wouldn’t have gotten paid.”  When asked if these topics had been explained during new hire orientation, the employees smirk and say, “What new hire orientation?

Managing employee expectations is essential for moral and productivity.  When employees are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines, the entire team runs smoothly and gets the job done.  When employees receive mixed messages from management, the workplace becomes a free-for-all prone to anxiety and chaos.   Though business owners and managers obviously prefer the former, they don’t always know how to best manage their employees’ expectations.  HR consulting firms highly recommend a well thought out and well executed new hire orientation.

When devising a new hire orientation plan, Arizona PEO companies suggest focusing on two key times.  An employee’s first hour and first day with your company are critical.  When new employees feel as though they are being welcomed into a well organized and productive firm they will follow suit.

The First Hour

Informed Manager, Informed Staff. Alert the staff that a new employee will be joining them at least a day in advance.  Send out an email, put notes in boxes, or announce it at a meeting – whatever it takes to inform your team that there will be a new member.  Friendly smiles are much easier to stomach for new employees than are questioning looks and whispers of, “Who is that?”.  The new employee should feel as though he or she was expected and welcomed.

In Addition, the employee’s team leader or manager must be prepared for the new employee the moment she arrives – not two minutes later, not 10 minutes later.  The manager’s morning schedule should be cleared so that the new hire orientation can flow smoothly.  Copies of new hire paperwork should already be made and the new employee’s work station should be set up.  Avoid the, “Oh, I forgot to…” conversations, as they generally lead to the employee sitting alone in a room questioning the manager’s abilities.  A quick outline of the orientation schedule should be included with the new hire paperwork.  This will give the employee some idea of what to expect for the rest of the day.  When the first hour is well organized it sets a good pace for the rest of the day.

The First Day

A detailed agenda of the employee’s first day is imperative.  New hire paperwork with Jill at 8:00, tour of the facility with Adam at 9:00, employee handbook, company history, and benefits package from 9:30 to 11:00 with Victor.  Move from one section of the orientation to the next swiftly and be sure that all the key players are prepared and on time.

HR Consultants highly recommend assigning a Job Coach for the new employee as well.  This person should be able to answer questions not only about policies and procedures, but also about the responsibilities of the position.  Have the Job Coach invite the new employee out for lunch.  Down time and casual conversation will help to collapse any anxiety walls that may have risen during the first half of the day. This relationship will be very useful for the employee during the first weeks and months of their employment.

Incorporating independent tasks in the afternoon will give the new employee a chance to display his or her skills and assist in the ownership of the position.  This break will also give the supervisor a chance to return to daily responsibilities.  After the tasks have been completed, check in to answer questions about the day and prepare the employee for what lies ahead the following day.  Will she clock in?  Who should she check in with tomorrow morning?  What tasks will be assigned?  Are there any meetings she should plan on attending?  New employees always appreciate knowing what is coming down the line.

It takes time to acclimate to a new atmosphere and the first impression is crucial.  Managers want their employees to feel positive about the company and the way it runs.  Providing new employees with thoughtful, well executed orientations is key for molding employee perceptions.  Being attentive to the needs of employees on their first day will give them a sense of value and belonging that will go a long way toward a positive view of the company.

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