Health Insurance

Health Insurance

by National Peo

W-2’s, 1099’s, payroll processing, workers compensation, health benefits and retirement plans.  These are just a few of the legally required, and fringe benefits that need to be offered and processed by a human resources department. When you are a small to mid-size business where do you get the time or resources to address all of these requirements?  Health insurance is one of the largest expenses that your business faces today.  What if you could outsource some of the responsibilities of a human resource department, so you could save both time and resources?

You could contact a Professional Employer Organization, also known as a PEO.  These organizations represent a group of professionals and specialists who can manage many human resources services, relieving your business of time consuming responsibilities that divert you from business obligations. It does not matter where your business is located; Professional Employer Organizations have the staff and expertise you need.  If you are located in Arizona, a PEO would provide professionals who are knowledgeable in AZ health insurance. Each state has its own laws that govern the types of benefits health insurance companies can offer to businesses.  This makes it a monumental effort on the part of a small to mid-size business to determine what the best health insurance plans are available to offer their employees.  If your business is in Tucson, Arizona, you could enlist the services of a PEO professional, who would be expert in managing your Tucson health insurance.

The Southwest has a huge population of Spanish speaking workers.  This creates another recruiting and employee retention dilemma for many businesses.  If you are located in Phoenix, a PEO that has Spanish training would be a tremendous asset to your company.  They would be able to clearly explain your Phoenix health insurance plan to your Spanish-speaking employees.

The Southwest is growing by leaps and bounds, with Las Vegas being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  A very large segment of the population is comprised of Spanish speaking workers.  If you contracted with National PEO, the burden of researching Las Vegas health insurance would be transferred to their professionals, eliminating the time and cost of a non-productive, but very essential process from your business.

All businesses are unique, and a health insurance plan can be designed to meet your business’ specific needs.  A PEO can be an effective method you could enlist for the management of not only your health insurance requirements but other human resource functions as well.  This would allow you the opportunity to focus on your business and at the same time realize substantial savings, which would be re-invested into your business.