by National Peo

With the recent launching and enhanced availability of paycards, business owners now have a possible cost savings option for paycheck printing paper and ink toner cartridges. Employers choosing to use paycards will also see a remarkable reduction in spending on banking fees, shipping, and postage for delivery of paper paychecks. When enrolling in a paperless paycheck program such as paycards, business owners can also cut payroll-processing time in half. A  professional employment organization (PEO) can help furnish businesses with paycards.

PEO is an outsource solution for employers looking for human resource professionals. They have helped many business owners in the southwest with their paperless payroll needs. Southwest businesses are seeing the benefits of utilizing paycards. Unfortunately things happen and employees lose or have their paychecks stolen. By choosing to use Arizona paycards, employers are cutting out the cost it would take to replace these paychecks. Imagine no more “stop payment” fees.

Employees benefit from the paycard system also. They will no longer have to worry about check cashing fees, possible identity theft, lost or stolen paychecks, or the dangers of carrying their money on them. There’s no more waiting around for late paychecks or coming into work on vacations or days off to pick up a paycheck. Their pay is electronically deposited on time, into their account.

Businesses all over Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas are discovering the many reasons to go paperless with paycards. When using Las Vegas paycards, employers and employees will have peace of mind. There is less worry, less cost and less hassle for both parties involved. Making paydays a smooth flowing experience for everyone.

With Tucson paycards, there are no monthly or annual fees, no check cashing fees, and no surcharge to use your paycard. You can use the paycard anywhere Mastercard is accepted, with millions of MoneyPass ATM’s nationwide. Employees can receive additional cards to fund an allowance for their children or transfer money for family members or spouses. As with Las Vegas or Tucson paycards, Phoenix paycards can be used to make purchases at retailers or used to withdraw cash. Employers can receive these paycards for the low price of $1 for each paycheck. That’s less than the cost of printing and delivery of paper paychecks.