Arizona Payroll Services

Arizona Payroll Services

by National Peo

How Payroll Services Help Streamline Business Operations

Arizona Payroll ServicesSince its start in 1999, National PEO has become a leading Professional Employment Organization (PEO) that offers personal-touch online payroll processing services that are both reliable and responsive. Find out how our payroll processing company and payroll systems can help simplify and streamline your business.

At National PEO, we offer payroll solutions and the kind of service that our clients expect and deserve. We offer online payroll processing services that fosters a positive, productive relationship with our clients. Our payroll accounting systems ensure that your payroll is done right not just the first time, but every time, making sure that all of your needs are met.

Everything from processing employees’ paychecks accurately to administering your benefits carefully to addressing your human resources needs securely — National PEO is with you every step of the way. We like to think that much of our success owes itself to the company philosophy that is ingrained in our functioning — the philosophy that treats clients fairly and approaches all situations with a can-do, positive attitude. It is also second nature for our payroll company to be completely honest and upfront about all of our dealings and to go that extra mile to ensure complete client satisfaction.

The fact that National PEO in Arizona has shown remarkable staying power even as other payroll companies have fallen by the wayside, and the fact that we have shown steady growth coupled with excellent client retention, added to a very high degree of customer satisfaction, speaks volumes about us.

What Are Payroll Processing Services and How Does a Payroll Processing Company Work?

Broadly speaking, a professional employer organization firm helps businesses outsource human resources and employee management tasks such as payroll services and workers’ compensation, safety and risk management, recruiting, human resource training, and business development.

Specifically, our payroll service performs the following functions for our business’ clients:

  • Payroll administration takes away the hassle of completing your employee payroll and doing it accurately each time. Direct deposits or checks, job costing, garnishments and deductions, and PTO tracking are some of the tedious and complicated tasks that our payroll service happily takes over for you.
  • Tax payment and filing of federal taxes, state and local taxes, year-end taxes, as well as unemployment taxes.
  • Online payroll entry gives clients full access to employee and payroll information using state of the art systems and technology. Clients can view payroll and employee data, submit payroll via secure logins, and also available manager and employee self service.
  • Paycard information and services is another feature of our small business payroll processing service that uses direct deposit and ATMs to allow employees easy access to their pay. Electronic transfer of funds is highly convenient, saves time, and has several other benefits including full access to pay card information.
  • General Ledger Interface gives easy, online access to payroll data and helps integrate payroll information with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Great Plains, etc., to eliminate problems such as double data entry and third party involvement.
  • ASO (non-co-employer) services, either a la carte or as a bundle of services.

How Do Payroll Processing Services for Small Businesses Work?

Arizona Payroll CompanyAs any business owner knows, doing the payroll is more than just signing a check and delivering it to an employee or employees. An employer has to make sure that the proper amount of taxes are withheld and paid to the appropriate government agency at the time indicated. Most small businesses don’t have the luxury of a separate accounts department to take care of the minute details involved in this. There are complicated forms to fill out on a yearly basis or several times a year. Missed payment deadlines can mean heavy penalties as well as low morale in the office and a less productive staff.

This is where payroll processing services for small business can really come in handy. Not only do they save time and hassles for employers, outsourcing business payroll online can actually help save money in the long term by reducing legal liabilities or obligations to employees, perhaps even being able to offer employees better remuneration packages to attract the best talent.

While many employers choose to use computer programs to manage payroll online, using payroll services ­offers many benefits over a computer program. An employer can do all of the background research on the legal requirements, remember deadlines and process payroll for their employees. However, if this is the sort of tedium that you, as an employer, would like to avoid so that you can devote your resources and energy to growing your business, then it makes sense to utilize the resources of a payroll processing company.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our operations and payroll processing services for small businesses and to find how we can help you grow your enterprise with a range of innovative solutions.