Find Top Talent With National PEO Recruiting Services

Find Top Talent With National PEO Recruiting Services

by National Peo

Our recruiting services connect you to great candidates, whether you’re hiring new employees or looking for executive leadership.

Let’s face it — job advertisements don’t necessarily draw resumes from the most qualified applicants. If you’re struggling to attract strong candidates for your open job positions, put National PEO’s employee recruiting services to work for your business.

Applicant Identification, Screening, & Review

According to statistics from LinkedIn, 87 percent of workers are open to new job opportunities. Those numbers include both active job candidates — the ones who would respond to your job advertisement — and passive candidates who already have jobs but remain open to new career opportunities.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO recruiting) takes everything about looking for new hires off your plate. Your recruitment outsourcing provider identifies both active and passive job-seekers, screens them for experience and talent indicators, and presents them for your review. Stop waiting for candidates to come to you. Instead, let our recruiting service actively uncover top talent.

Confidential Candidate Interview, Reference Checks, & Background Checks

Using structured behavioral interviews and other proven methodology, our recruitment services professionals interview the best applicants to determine which candidates best fit your culture. Our recruiters conduct telephone interviews, video calls, and in-person interviews, depending on your needs.

In addition to assisting you with interviews, we contact references and complete background checks, as needed. Whether you use National PEO recruiting services for initial screenings or to complete the hiring process from start to finish, our speed, thoroughness, and effectiveness will transform your hiring efforts.

Testing and Evaluation

Many positions depend on pre-employment testing to determine optimal fit. National PEO can administer a wide range of screening tools, from skills-based assessments to personality tests.

Our recruiting outsourcing professionals will set up testing times, administer evaluations, and offer guidance to candidates throughout the testing process. Then, we tabulate and present scores, and make hiring recommendations based on interviews, employee background, and performance on pre-employment testing.

Making the Offer

Using the latest salary and wage data personalized to your geographic area, our employee recruitment services professionals will prepare and present offers to your best candidates. Depending on your needs, these offers can also include benefits packages and retirement plan services.

When candidates make counter-offers, we’ll present them, ask for your feedback, and continue negotiating as needed. You’re always in control when it comes to making the final hiring decision.

Building Your Executive Team

National PEO also offers executive recruitment services to attract top-notch business minds to your team. Based on an analysis of your business needs, we seek executive candidates with proven track records, strong cultural fit, and talent to grow with your company.

Our RPO recruiting team can talk to executives you’ve already targeted or seek out both active and passive candidates. From the initial phone call to the interview to the job offer, we create a process that helps you attract the best and brightest to your company.

Why You Should Use Professional Recruitment Outsourcing

It’s easy to post a job advertisement and hope for the best. It takes a lot more time to actively recruit great candidates and make sure they’re great fits for your team.

Employee recruitment services from National PEO means taking back control of your most precious resource — time — and leaving your recruiting to experienced professionals who have a history of connecting great businesses with outstanding employees. Hire employees who will stay with your company over the long term, reducing turnover and boosting morale.

In addition to recruiting, interviewing, and screening your employees, National PEO can become a complete human resources partner for your business. We offer:

  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Payroll and timekeeping
  • Workers’ compensation services
  • Benefits administration
  • Retirement plan services

National PEO can show you proven ways to find talented employees, ensure legal compliance, improve safety, and get more from your greatest business resource: your workers. Let us handle all of your human resource and recruiting service needs. Contact National PEO today for recruitment outsourcing services!