Local Restaurants Choose National PEO, LLC for Benefits and Recruiting

Local Restaurants Choose National PEO, LLC for Benefits and Recruiting

by National Peo

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(Scottsdale, Arizona—May 16, 2006)  National PEO, LLC a full service human resource outsourcing company, has found their service offerings fit in perfectly with the needs of several vertical businesses, one of them being the restaurant industry.  To date, National PEO has provided their services to some highly recognizable local restaurants such as Streets of New York, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, Stoudemire’s Downtown, Carlsbad Tavern, Pasta Brioni, Cooperstown and many others.  National PEO recently added recruiting to their service offerings, and have experienced tremendous response from the restaurant industry to help them fill positions ranging from managers, to front of house staff to kitchen staff.  The company offers their services in both English and Spanish to make the benefits process easier for those non-English speaking employees.

“National PEO has made our life easier.  All you do is complete the application and choose the package that best fits your needs, they are affordable and reliable,” said Chef Eddie Matney of Stoudemire’s Downtown.  “The biggest benefit though is their customer service, you know that when you pick up the phone that you’ll be able to speak to your individual representative, who will provide you with the information you need.”

National PEO offers a wide array of services that are especially important to restaurant owners.  In addition to employee recruiting, some of the most sought after and important services that National PEO provides include I-9 compliance, which ensures that all employees are compliant with INS regulations and will conduct unannounced I-9 audients to catch any potential violations and make sure they are corrected.  National PEO also provides benefit assistance to help provide mini-med insurance plans for low-wage earning employees.  The company will also assist clients by auditing current pay methods to ensure they are compliant with Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.

Additional services that National PEO offers include:

Benefits Administration:  Medical, dental and vision plans, prescription drug programs, long term disability, hospitalization and intensive care plans, 401K retirement plans and COBRA.

Human Resources Administration:  Manage unemployment claims, provide policy and compliance guidelines for federal, state and local employment laws, verify employment dates, titles and wages, provide new hire forms and maintain personnel files.

Payroll Administration:  Preparation and distribution of payroll checks, payroll inquiries, W-2 and W-3 summaries, maintaining records, handling withholding taxes, filing tax reports and monitoring tax laws.  National PEO can also maintain calendars of sick and vacation time accrual.  They can provide remote access to personal records, coordinate electronic payroll entry systems and many other services.

Workers Compensation:  National PEO can analyze client’s potential risk prior to contract.  They will provide a list of physicians and facilities for treatment of injuries, claim administration as well as provide an analysis of claims and loss.  The company can also implement drug free workplace programs and certified substance abuse policies as well as workplace safety programs and training.

Typically, restaurant managers will concentrate on food, customer service and front and back of house operations, unfortunately, human resource services tend to take a backset. With National PEO, restaurant personnel can concentrate on growing their business and leave employee benefits to the experts.

“National PEO has a whole range of HR service offerings no matter what business you’re in.  We’re the perfect partner to small and medium-sized businesses,” said Todd Belfer, managing partner of National PEO.

National PEO helps businesses transfer the burden of their human resource function on a low-cost, contractual basis, eliminating the time and cost involved in non-productive, but essential, processes. Their services include Worker’s Compensation and safety management, payroll and Human Resource outsourcing including labor law compliance, employee handbooks, F.L.S.A. and Fair Pay Act compliance, employee relations, training and development, corrective action and conflict resolution, group and individual benefits management, 401K plans, strategic planning and management training seminars. The company also provides Spanish services and background checks.

This press release was sponsored by National PEO, LLC. National PEO is a leading provider of PEO services to hundreds of companies all over the US. Let us handle the burden of Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Worker’s Comp, and Human Resources for your company. Contact us today to request a quote!

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