Four Tricks of the Trade When Mining for Quality Talent

Four Tricks of the Trade When Mining for Quality Talent

by National Peo

There are many different methods you can use to recruit great employees.  Here are four tips used by some of the most successful recruiters.

NETWORK – Relying on networking skills is a valuable tool for recruiters.  When preparing a new search, think of everyone you know in the particular field.  Write down every name you can think of, even if there seems to be no direct connection; there’s a reason you thought of the name, so trust your instincts.  Contact each person on the list and ask for referrals. Using the people you know and trust to build a network is a quick way to locate some promising candidates.  When networking ask various questions, including how the person knows the potential candidate, how well they’re acquainted with their recent work and if the person being recruited by other companies. You may also ask questions about the field itself, such as who else is hiring, what the competition may be paying and trends in the field.  Gather as much information you can from the people you know.

START BROADLY AND THEN REVAMP YOUR SEARCH – When utilizing web based search engines or resume banks, always use Boolean rules.  I find them to be effective in narrowing searches to locate candidates with specific skills and credentials.  The general rules apply to every search. Start as general as possible with the largest net, and then whittle down the number of resumes by adding key words or phrases.  Once you have a manageable number of resumes, begin reading them to locate possible candidates.  When you are finished, rearrange the Boolean rules and keywords and run your search again. Why do this when basic logic dictates that your first search should have located every resume containing the keywords?  The fact is, when you rearrange the order of the key words, you will find resumes that didn’t come up in your initial search.  You will see many duplicates, but you’ll be surprised at the number of resumes that are new.

THE RESUME IS THE PREVIEW – Resumes offer important information; they give you a thumbnail sketch of a person.  Let’s assume you have resumes of potential candidates that fit your job description.  Study the format of the resume. It should be concise, neat and flow, containing information that will give you an accurate picture of the candidate.  Consider it a red flag if it is hard to follow or read, has grammatical or format errors or looks unprofessional. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person isn’t a good candidate, but it should be a warning to you and considered when interviewing the candidate.  As an example, the resume of a sales person that appears messy could look this way because the person is so busy closing huge deals, that he/she doesn’t have time to polish every detail of his/her resume.  Obviously, you want a great sales person, but this candidate may need some administrative assistance and grooming to be successful.  You would only want to submit this candidate for a job in a company that could provide him/her with such assistance.  Don’t discount someone who appears too junior if there is a senior person in place that could mentor him/her. Ask questions during the interview to get a good feel for the candidate.

CALLS, CALLS, AND MORE CALLS – Don’t be afraid or too lazy to make that last call. That one call you’ve been putting off.  Pick up the phone, dial the number and get the information you need.  The quickest way to success is smiling and dialing.  When talking on the phone for long periods of time, stand up and move around a little. It will give you a fresh perspective.  Remember that this is a contact sport – the more people you contact, the more success you’ll have. It’s that simple.

These are a few time-proven techniques utilized by a Las Vegas Human Resources outsourcing firm that have proven helpful when recruiting. Utilizing them will help you enjoy success. Happy Hunting!!
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