Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

by National Peo

Workers’ Compensation Management Services

Workers’ compensation claims can become complicated and overwhelming, especially when you own a small business. Submitting paperwork, filing claims, and performing audits takes up a lot of valuable time. National PEO provides workers’ compensation management services to businesses all over the country. Our workers’ compensation administration team takes care of your policy, handles injury claims, and stays on top of workplace safety issues.

Get Peace of Mind About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

workers compensationWorkers’ compensation insurance is required by law. It protects you and your employees from having to shoulder costly medical bills, and it compensates workers’ for loss of income in the event of a workplace injury. At National PEO we have a team of workers’ compensation management specialists in place to handle your policy administration, injury claim administration, and safety compliance.

Our team will take care of workers’ compensation so that you can concentrate on your business. We provide:

  • You’ll gain access to expert knowledge from experienced professionals, protecting your business from liability for non-compliance.
  • Ensuring that coverage is in place, premiums are paid, audits are accurate, and renewals are timely requires a lot of back-office work. We keep your coverage up-to-date, your premiums paid, and your compliance audits current.
  • Providing injury reports to the insurance company and dealing with medical professionals takes your focus away from running your business. We ensure that all of your medical and workers’ comp claim paperwork gets completed and submitted on time.
  • Our goal is to monitor open claims and to close them as quickly as possible. We won’t let incomplete paperwork languish in a file or get stalled at the doctor’s office.

Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

According to the workers’ compensation definition, employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to take care of workers’ who are hurt on the job. In exchange, employees agree not to sue their employers for negligence when accidents happen.

Although having insurance saves employers money on medical expenses and damages, many small business owners make mistakes when purchasing, renewing, and managing their workers’ compensation policies. Those mistakes cause many businesses to overpay for workers’ comp insurance.

With policy administration from National PEO, you’ll be confident that employees will get workers’ compensation benefits when they need them. At the same time, we’ll prevent simple mistakes that could cost you money.

  • Payroll estimates. If you overestimate your yearly payroll when renewing your policy, you could find yourself paying too high a premium. Alternatively, if you underestimate your payroll, you could end up owing a lump sum at year’s end. National PEO helps you make accurate estimates so that you pay neither too much nor too little.
  • Operational changes. Sometimes, a minor change in the way you do business can significantly affect your workers’ comp premium. We’ll stay alert to any changes in your operations, and we’ll let you know if those changes could affect your costs.
  • Incorrect calculations. Insurance companies occasionally make errors when calculating your premiums or applying your experience modification factor (EMF). Our workers’ compensation management team checks for mistakes so that you don’t overpay.
  • Audit review. Insurance companies sometimes make mistakes when they conduct workers’ compensation audits. Their mistakes shouldn’t cost you money. We review all audits and work with your insurance company to fix errors.

Simplify Injury Claims

Managing your claims properly can reduce your EMF and lower your premium. When you work with National PEO, we make the injury administration process consistent and smooth. You can take care of your employees and get them back on the job as soon as possible. We give you:

  • Fast reporting. We notify your insurance company as soon as your employees file workers’ compensation claims. Claims don’t get lost in the paperwork in your office, and your employees can see their doctors quickly.
  • Smooth processing. Our workers’ compensation administration team communicates with your insurance company’s adjuster from start to finish. We coordinate between doctors, insurers, and employees to make sure employees get effective treatment and fast claims processing.
  • Quicker return to work. We assist you in developing return-to-work plans for your employees, minimizing turnover and helping to prevent further injuries. Also, we closely monitor all open claims, and we work to close claims quickly and efficiently.

Build a Safer Workplaceworkers compensation 2

One of the best ways to keep workers’ compensation costs low is to prevent workplace injuries. National PEO offers several services related to creating a safer workplace, including:

  • Safety Compliance and Audits. Our workplace safety experts will inspect your facilities to make sure you’re in compliance with OSHA. Also, we’ll review your OSHA documentation, your Hazardous Materials Management plan, and other vital documents. The end product is a written report with photos to support our findings.
  • Safety Compliance Services. After auditing your facilities, we’ll provide guidance on ways to make your workplace safer for your employees.
  • Safety Training Classes. We provide a wide range of OSHA safety training classes for different industries including both general safety and more specialized classes. We can cover material including forklift safety, scaffolding safety, excavation, eye protection, electrical safety, and much, much more.

How to Get Started

Contact us to request a quote for our workers’ compensation administration services. Our proposal will show you how much workers’ compensation management will save you by lowering your premiums, improving your claims processing, and making your facilities safer. If you have general questions, call us or complete our contact form. We’re ready to help you every step of the way.

Protecting your employees and enhancing their safety is an investment that you can feel good about. Don’t wait any longer. Let’s get started today.