Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

by National Peo

Are you a small business owner, struggling to understand and comply with all of the Federal, State, and County laws and regulations governing workers compensation?  Workers compensation management is a sleeping dragon for many small to mid-sized  businesses.  You want your business to be successful and competitive, but you also want your employees to be working in a safe environment.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is one approach you could enlist to manage your workers compensation plan.  The PEO professionals can manage all aspects of your Workers’ Compensation policy.  They are expert in claims administration, managing certificates of insurance, to management of all the necessary financial details.  Being professionals in the workers compensation arena, they can help keep your premiums low through efficient claims processing, and developing other programs for your workplace.

Workers’ Compensation is a benefit that you are legally required to provide for your employees.  Even though it is a Federal requirement, each state also has their own specific laws pertaining to the management of workers’ compensation.  If your business is located in Arizona, a PEO specialist would be assigned who would be an expert in AZ workers compensation.  They can also assist your company in establishing programs that promote a drug-free workplace, and help develop safety and wellness programs too.

Businesses located in the Southwest have a tremendous population of Spanish speaking workers to draw from.  This presents many businesses with the difficult task of instructing Spanish speaking workers on safe work habits.  If you contracted with National PEO, they are committed to providing professionals who not only specialize in workers’ compensation, but also can offer the services of a bilingual staff.  If you are located in Tucson, you could enlist their services for Tucson workers compensation assistance, or if you are in Phoenix, they would have a staff of bilingual speaking professionals to manage your Phoenix workers compensation.

In the Southwest the population is exploding. At the top of the growth list is Las Vegas, which has a huge population of Spanish speaking workers.  A professional employer organization has the resources available to manage your Las Vegas workers compensation policy.  A Professional Employer Organization can be responsible for more than just workers compensation management, you can choose for them to manage of all your human resource responsibilities, which could include, benefits, employee handbooks, workers compensation, unemployment claims and hearings, payroll processing, payroll tax filing, and many more.

Whatever your business needs may be, in order to realize success, you must first realize how valuable your employees are, and your top priority is to keep them safe.  Safe employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive.  So enlist the services of a PEO, it can help you focus on increasing your revenue.